shadab khan and muskan sharma breakup reason

Revealed: Shadab Khan and Muskan Sharma Breakup Reason

People from the world of Instagram and Tiktok are quite familiar with the name of the Muskan Sharma and the Sahdab Khan. Both recent breakup with each other.

Here we are providing Shadab Khan and Muskan Sharma Breakup reasons. What is the actual reason behind their separation from each other?

Who are Shadab Khan and Muskan Sharma?

Shadab Khan and Muskan Sharma are very big names in the world of Tiktok and Instagram. Even after Tiktok was banned, both continued to create their own content with the help of Instagram.

Their videos were liked by many people and soon they become very popular on social media platforms. Their followers loved their chemistry.

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.They keep giving updates about themselves by uploading various posts on Instagram and updating their vlogs on YouTube. They both have very much potential to become superstars in their industry.

They have both were in a relationship with each other for the past 9 years. However, they suddenly decided to get separated from each other and they broke their 9 years old relationship. Their breakup reason is as follows.

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What is the actual reason behind Shadab Khan and Muskan Sharma Breakup?

The news of their breakup was first revealed by Muskan Sharma by going live on Instagram. After that, Shadab Khan confirmed their breakup.

They both attacks each other on social media platform’s live sessions and blamed each other for their breakup. 


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Muskan came to the live session of his Instagram account and said that despite being in a relationship with her, Shadab was dating another girl.

That is why she decided to end her relationship with Shadab and thus ended their love story. However, Muskan Sharma didn’t reveal that girl’s name, but she was surely a famous TikTok star Shalini Suryavanshi.

shadab khan and muskan sharma breakup reason

According to Muskan, when she came to know about Shadab’s other affair, she became very sad. Her health also worsened due to this and she was in the hospital.

She was not able to accept this thing easily. According to her, it was not easy for her to end this relationship.

After their breakup story becomes official, Muskan Sharma also posted a video titled named as “My Breakup Story”. In this video, she made many serious allegations against him. She also had registered a case of cheating against Shadab Khan.

Shadab Khan reaction to his breakup with Muskaan Sharma

Shadab said in one of his live sessions on Instagram is that Muskan is unnecessarily dragging their breakup story.

He also further added that breaking up with each other is a mutually agreed decision between both of them. He also supported Shalini Suryavanshi against all the defamation caused by Muskan.

When Muskaan made serious allegations against Shadab Khan, their common friends Danish Alfaaz and Sanaa Islam Khan also stood up in the support of Shadab Khan.

According to both of them, there was no fault of Shadab for their mutually agreed breakup. It was their mutually agreed decision.

Soon after this controversy, Shadab Khan got married to his new lady love Shalini Suryavanshi. She is also a famous social media influencer and model.

However, the fans of Shadab and Muskan still blaming Shadab for their breakup. But he is such an indeed strong person. He has handled all the negativity very wisely till now.

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Final words on “Shadab Khan and Muskan Sharma Breakup Reason”

Shadab is very happy to be married to Shalini and they both are living peacefully. While Muskan has also accepted the breakup between her and Shadab.

She is currently single but his name is being paired with Famous Tiktok star Aamir Arab. Muskan’s fans are saying that they both are madly in love with each other.

However, both of them told the media that they both are just good friends and they are not in any relationship with each other. However, their fans are eagerly waiting for the confirmation of their relationship.

After breaking up with Shadab, Muskan is focussing more on her career as she wants to make her name and impact in this industry.

Shadab Khan and Shalini Suryavanshi also focussing on their career.

While Shadab and Shalini also confirmed that they are also focussing on their acting career post their marriage.

Recently, both have also confirmed that they might appear with each other in some music videos. Their fans are eagerly waiting to look at both of them with each other in reel life too.

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