Fraz Biography, YouTube, LinkedIn

Fraz Biography, YouTube, LinkedIn

Greetings, my name is Fraz.

I work at @Google as a software engineer. I created my YouTube channel to support anyone who is eager to learn, develop, and achieve great things in the tech world.

I produce material for students and software engineers through instructional videos, tutorials, and podcasts.

Fraz Biography, YouTube, LinkedIn

How I Got Selected in Google?

So the scene is, that your brother has been selected in Google, and now it’s your turn. So, I had a passion to teach from the beginning. During school time, I tutored my sister for JEE exam. Then I tutored my juniors in college and when the lockdown was imposed then I started my YouTube channel.

Now, I received a lot of love from YouTube, but that one comment that you teach everyone why don’t you work on your selection in Microsoft, Amazon, or Google. Now, it’s not that I haven’t tried google I have tried 2 times in google. Once, after 2nd year of internship. And secondly, after 3rd year full-time.

The first time, my resume didn’t shortlist, and the second time, I was eliminated in the 1st round itself. So, I got rejected both times. I used to think that, if I had not done competitive programming then it was impossible to be in google. And my history of CP hasn’t been that good.

How It was Difficult for Me?

So, I always had a fear that it would be very difficult for me. But do you really need CP? So, now the scene is, your brother has been selected in Google, and now it’s your turn. So, now get ready all of you.

So, now I was thinking of my 3rd attempt in google. But, I was waiting for one year in Cure. fit to be completed and then I would apply. There is a special reason for that when you join a company you get a joining bonus.

But if you leave the company before 1 year, then that bonus is taken back from you. So, I thought, once a year is completed then I’ll apply with ease. But, it was on 19th February 2022 that I got a text on LinkedIn.

How My Profile Got Selected in Google?

in which it was written that we went through your profile, we liked your profile and we have a few openings here. If you’re interested send your resume. And this was the text from Google recruiter. Now it was the first time that google had approached me.

Every time I used approach google, so my happiness was at this level. While moving forward, let’s talk about preparation as well you might be thinking what do I need to prepare. Bro, you know data structures.

According to me, whether the result is positive or negative, whether you fail or pass there shouldn’t be any regrets in the preparation and there were many topics and concepts which I hadn’t looked at in years. Now, I needed to revise them.

And the biggest challenge in front of me was that I needed to do this with a full-time job. I needed a plan. Now, I made a plan, and a strategy, and throughout my preparation. I prepared very good material.

I will share this plan, material, and this strategy anytime in the future in detail. Now, let’s get back to the point. So, I got a call from the recruiter. He asked me in which team I worked, what was your text stack to which all projects have you contributed. then he asked me how much time do you need for the interview.

When I Faced Coding Rounds

Now, I thought about it a lot and said that we can start the process next week. In total I had 5 coding rounds, then a leadership round. and here I need to praise my recruiter because I haven’t seen an active recruiter like him after each interview, I immediately get their call to ask the feedback. And along with that for the guidance of the next round.

So, my experience was very smooth. Everything was very fast. Until Team Matching Round. Now, in the team matching round, I found myself a little bit scared. Here, I gave this round on Friday, then Saturday, and then Sunday.

Then My hiring manager went for 2-3 days left. now, here I got a little anxious. This means, I stepped up each step, and I got feedback for each round very quickly. But, it delayed this time a lot, and with that, my anxiety reached the brim.

Now, you go on climbing the steps one by one, but when you fall from above then it hurts a lot. So, this was the case with me. I also had a fear that after clearing all the rounds, hope I don’t fail. then one day I get a call from my recruiter. He told me that I’m accepted by the hiring manager. And, now you’ve to give an internal reference, then I’ll send your proposal to the hiring committee.

When I Got Selected in Google?

Congratulations again, but I cannot guarantee anything. The hiring committee is very uncertain. They told me in clear words that the hiring committee is one of the most uncertain things. So anything can happen there. I told them that it was okay.

Let’s see. Now, a lot of days went by, and again the time to wait began. You all would have been able to relate with me that how difficult it is to wait during this time. I even dreamed about it 2-3 times.

Early in the morning, I was recording a video regarding data structures for my other channel. It was around 11 o’clock. And it was Saturday. And only one thing revolved in mind when will Monday arrive.

Usually, when I record lectures, I put my phone in airplane mode. I recorded my lecture and removed airplane mode from my phone and there I saw the messages from my recruiter. It was written that please call me back. now as I read this message, a wave of hope ran across my body.

I quickly called back and she said, first of all, sorry to disturb you on Saturday. To which I replied in my heart and the next line was Congratulations I just want to congratulate you that you got selected at Google.

Now, this achievement isn’t mine alone. My mother has made a huge contribution. I did the preparation but I had her full support, whenever I didn’t get time during the day and prepared at night.

This isn’t about now, it is going on since my school time. All of the time, my mother was there with me. She didn’t let me be devoid of anything So, this isn’t my achievement alone; it includes my family, and in my whole family, you all contribute to it.

Thanks a lot, everyone for being there. We’ve reached here with education and we’ve to move forward with it

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