Andy Sterkowitz Biography – What Programmer YouTubers Don’t Tell You.

Andy Sterkowitz Biography

As a fellow YouTuber, I can attest that anything we say should always be taken with a huge grain of salt.

After all, there is a tonne of fantastic stuff available, including lessons and career guidance.

People tell their tales of how they got started as software developers, however, you need to be mindful of some drawbacks of knowledge consumption.

I’m going to discuss a few things you should bear in mind when watching material in this article because it’s possible you’re watching content from other authors.

Andy Sterkowitz Mentorship – What Programmer YouTubers Don’t Tell You.

Do Not Take Struggle Stories Too Seriously, It Is Normal

The first thing you should know is that YouTubers are far more likely to share their achievements than our failures when you’re watching youtube, which is great since you want to see successes.

Right now, you’re probably looking for motivation. You want to see someone succeed who started out without any programming knowledge.

This is crucial if you want to maintain your motivation. The issue is that we all struggled, and we all had self-doubt.

When I first started, I questioned whether it would actually be successful.

Keep in mind that YouTube videos can gloss over part of the struggle when you view them. Struggling is completely normal and we’re going to share more of our successes from there.

Learn Coding From the Tutorials in a Smooth Way

Anything that you’ll want to keep in mind is that when you watch technical videos on YouTube, especially tutorials, you can start to believe that the coding process is really straightforward, similar to how things are built. admire you, who is really straightforward.

Having a concept of what you want to construct, you type a lot of code, and it seems to work, but the reality is that, especially when you’re a beginner, the coding process frequently goes wrong.

Right, so if you watch a tutorial where the author is simply sort of guiding you through everything without really making you aware that they may have spent a lot of time planning,

You don’t truly realize how much time a person may have spent planning, researching, etc.

When someone is struggling, such as when writing code, they consider what they want to achieve but it doesn’t work.

This shows that they are not fully understanding the concept. Yes, that is usual. I believe the coding process is a lot more iterative than I’ve taught it to be.

Final Conclusion on Andy Sterkowitz Biography – What Programmer YouTubers Don’t Tell You.

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