Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke relationship

The reality of Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke Relationship

Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke are social media celebrities who are well known for their short videos.

They also post a lot of vlogs on their own YouTube channels in which they converse about their everyday lives. Their chemistry is quite popular among their fans. Their videos become popular quickly on social media.

They’re both currently causing a stir on Indian social media. During their leisure time, they were frequently spotted hanging out with each other.

As they spend more time together, their admirers have begun to spread speculations about their relationship. Let’s see whether the reports about their connection are true in this article.

Many people are curious regarding the state of Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke’s relationship. So

Many people want to know about the Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke relationship status. So, here we come up with all the answers to your questions.

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The reality of Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke Relationship 

How did Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke meet with each other?

There is a very funny story behind how Rohit and Neeta came to know each other. Neeta had seen some of Rohit’s videos on Tiktok. That’s why Nita messaged Rohit on Instagram.

When Nita first messaged Rohit, he was not very popular on the social media platform. He used to work in a clothes shop in Surat and was making videos on Tiktok from 7 am to 9 am in the morning.

Nita Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke relationship

When Neeta came to know about this, she liked his hard-working nature very much. She asked Rohit to come to Mumbai. Rohit also agreed with her and went to Mumbai to settle his upcoming social media career.

Before meeting Rohit, Nita used to think that he lives in Thane but in reality, he was living in Surat. They met for the first time in Malad after talking after formal phone calls with each other.

Nita had told in one of her vlogs that when she and Rohit met for the first time, he was a very shy person. Due to his shy nature, the two were not able to shoot a good video for the first time with each other.

After this, Neeta made him comfortable with her, and later both shot their first video. The video was posted by Rohit on his Instagram account. This video was liked very much by their viewers.

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What is the relationship status of Neeta Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke?

Neeta considers Rohit as a very good friend. According to her, she had many friends in her life even before Rohit came into her life. But Rohit has a different place in her heart. He is very special to her.

In her vlog, Neeta had also told that both of them have lived together every little moment of their life. They both have also appreciated each other’s progress and have supported each other even in the days of sorrow. That is why she considers Rohit as her best friend.

According to Neeta, both are very good friends of each other. They are not in any relationship. Both still want to pay more attention to their careers.

However, Their fans often think that they both are in a strong live-in-relationship. However, they both have many times denied this claim in their social media live sessions.

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Final words on “Neeta Shilimkar and Rohit Zinjurke Relationship”

If you have the right talent and hard-working nature then no one is going to stop you from becoming very successful on social media platforms and both Rohit and Neeta are the best examples of it. Actually, they both are inspirations for the many youngsters who actually want to make their career on social media platforms.

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