From Video Makers to Lovers: Divya Upadhyaya and Pj Love Story

If you use Instagram, then you must know Divya Upadhyay and Pankaj Joshi. Pankaj Joshi is also known as PJ among their mutual followers. The video of their different concept has rocked Instagram. The romantic videos posted by both of them are being loved and liked by their followers very much.

They both are internet sensation in India. They both are as popular as B- Town actors in India. Today we will know about the love story of Divya Upadhyay and Pankaj Joshi.

Romantic videos of Divya and PJ have set the Indian Internet on fire. This concept of them has started to be liked a lot. Also, their chemistry is also being discussed a lot.

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The early life of Divya Upadhyaya and Pj (Pankaj Joshi)

Early Life of PJ (Pankaj Joshi )

Pankaj Joshi was born on 13 May 195 in the Dungarpur district of Rajasthan. In addition to his family, he also has his parents and a sister. But Pankaj lives in a joint family, which is why the number of family members is very high.

Divya Upadhyaya and PJ relationship
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Pankaj spent his early life in Dungarpur. He was very good at his studies and wanted to join the civil service. But as he grew up, he inclined towards making an impact on social media through his unique content.

PJ also created a YouTube channel in the year 2011 due to his fondness for social media. He used to post short videos and songs on this channel. He has worked very hard to make his career on YouTube.

He had to struggle very hard to get success on YouTube. But he gained considerable success on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram.

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Early life of Divya Upadhyay

Divya Upadhyay was born on 13 November 1996 in Madhya Pradesh. She also belongs to a Brahmin family like PJ. He has 4 other people in his family.

Divya did her schooling in a city called Aastha. She went to Indore to do her graduation. Apart from studies, Divya was very fond of dancing, that is why she started learning dance along with her studies.

She is an actor, dancer, and choreographer from the profession. Before coming to Tiktok, she used to teach dance to young children in a dance academy. She also started her own YouTube channel in 2016, in which she used to upload videos of dance.

When did Divya Upadhyaya and PJ first meet?

PJ and Divya first met at a garden in Indore. PJ had come to meet Sunny Kalra who was a famous tiktoker at that time. Sunny Kalra and Divya were very good friends at that time.

PJ had become very impressed with Divya during his first meetings. Pj thought she would be a perfect choice for his videos so he offered her to work with him, which she also accepted.

The two soon started making videos with each other. Their followers liked their chemistry very much. Their videos soon went viral. Their followers had grown into millions.

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Image source : Instagram

Story of Falling in love with each other

In a recent interview, when Pankaj was asked about their relationship status, he said that he and Divya are in a relationship. He said that his life has been changed by Divya’s arrival in his life

She too has accepted her relationship with PJ. Both of them fell in love with each other while making videos with each other. Their fans are also very happy about their relationship.

Famous ticket taker Sunny Kalra has a huge contribution in bringing Divya and PJ together. After seeing Divya’s talent, He offered Divya a work. After this, Sunny also had Scheduled PJ’s meeting with her.

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Final Words on Divya Upadhyaya and PJ Love story

Relationship World and their team congratulate Divya Upadhyaya and PJ for their wonderful relationship. We also wishes a good luck for their upcoming projects. We hope that you both will always remain with each other.

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