Meet Irish Tabia: A Girl Who is Travelling the Whole World With Remote Software Engineering Job

Meet Irish Tabia

Several people are complaining that software engineering is the type of career where they must sit for long periods of time and work in a single static office for the rest of their life.

While working as a software developer, this type of inability to fully enjoy life might be a huge issue. Software engineers, it is stated, have little time for themselves because they are constantly working on their employment.

But today, through this article, we’ll tell you about a girl who works as a software engineer and travels the world while fulfilling her passion for seeing the world.

This girl’s name is Irish Tabia, and she is from Austria. Today We will tell you about her tale in full in this post. Please read this article all the way to the end to learn more about her.

Who is Irish Tabia?

Irish Tabia is a Software engineer who basically hails from Australia. She opted to work full-time as a software engineer after graduating from one of the elite universities.

However, she had also had a desire to travel the globe, which is why she decided to leave her full-time job as a software engineer and now works as a remote software engineer while also fulfilling her ambition of traveling the world.

According to Irish, she always wanted to travel all over the world and that’s why she quit her full-time job. Although her family was not very happy with her decision to quit her decent paying job, still they supported her and in today’s time, she is living her life very well.

According to Irish, after quitting her job, she was able to find a remote software engineer job for herself on an online platform.

In today’s time, she has so much liberty that she can sit anywhere and anytime and do her work. In today’s time, she also knows about 5 different languages ​​because of traveling on Continuous mode.

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