Synsation LinkedIn: From Backer to Software Engineer

What is My Past?

Let’s talk about the past for a moment. Three to four years ago, I had just graduated from high school and had begun working at Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Right now, it’s a great place to work. I signed up for a few college courses at the nearby community college, but I had no genuine interest in any of them.

I didn’t want to take out student debts and then have to determine what I wanted to do with my life since, in my family, people like my mom and brother had graduated with bachelor’s and even master’s degrees in chemical engineering.

Before deciding they didn’t want anything to do with it and just switched to a completely different career path I’ve seen that pattern a lot and I didn’t want to be one of those people. so I was like I’ll work at the bakery you know I’m still 18 I’ll figure it out.

What is My First-Ever Job?

After a year, I became somewhat bored. I enjoy learning new things and trying new things, therefore I didn’t want to be confined to a tiny town. You know I’ll spend the rest of my life working at a bakery.

I thought, “Katy, it’s time for some change; something has to happen,” Around that same time, I stumbled onto programming.

I found several articles stating that a degree is not required to work as a software developer. It’s much easier said than done, but if you just teach yourself how to program, you’ll be a coding rock star in six months.

I was really motivated after reading all of these articles. I even asked my brother whether he thought I could get employment.

Why did I decide to Choose a Coding Career?

People approached me in a variety of ways. Engineers shouldn’t be women, after all. Because you’re a woman, you ought to pick a different major.

I think you should pick a new major because science isn’t your strong suit. Actually, those things motivated and encouraged me to move on even more.

I thought, “I can do this.” It was difficult at first, but fine why not let’s go let me show you the incorrect.

I was attempting to learn how to program while still working long shifts at a bakery, but I was terribly unsuccessful at both tasks at the same time.

Eventually, I said, “Look.”  it’s taking too long I gotta make change faster very impatient. so quit my job at the bakery and said screw it. I don’t even have that much saved up. let me tell you right now risks are important. if you want to make changes in your life. if you want to go from your current job.

Should You Leave Your Job For Your Passion?

I’m not asking you to leave your career, but rather to seriously begin making adjustments in the direction you want to go and to make those changes faster than you feel comfortable doing since it will actually be helping you grow.

Make sure that you’re progressing, therefore I made the decision to leave my position and ultimately ended up working as a software developer.

A year later, the process was as follows: I had been teaching myself for some time, had mastered the fundamentals of javascript, HTML, and CSS, and felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge to find employment.

However, I also felt that I wasn’t very good at time management on my own, so I felt the need to be enrolled in a boot camp that would help propel me forward and get me to where I needed to go.

So six months later I graduated from the boot camp and I immediately found a job at a startup in Denver. they were looking for fresh talented people that are new to the industry and that is a great opportunity for anybody to start out.

To really you know you might want to work at a big corporation or a big company but it might be harder to get in so start small start somewhere where they give you the opportunity.

How Did I Grab My Job in the Software Engineering Domain?

I began working in Denver and soon realized that I had broader ambitions and passions.

One of my goals was to work for a large corporation, but I had many reservations about it initially.

Well, how would I get a job at a large business like Google, Apple, or Microsoft without a college degree?

They don’t actually even consider applications from job applicants without a college degree; in certain cases, getting a shot even requires a master’s degree in computer science.

I became quite discouraged there, and coincidentally, it was at the time that I discovered one of the greatest opportunities for myself.

So i was looking at Microsoft and Microsoft has this program it’s called the lead program. so Microsoft leap is a program specifically meant for people that don’t have a college degree in computer science math or any other science-related topic and so what they do is they bring people on for three to four months.

Well I applied and I went through a rigorous interview process and then I was above the moon when I received a congratulatory email saying that I was accepted it was actually Christmas day of 2019 when I got this email and I think it was the best Christmas present that i could ever receive. 

Final Conclusion on Synsation: From Backer to Software Engineer

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