Loveleen Vats and Courtney Vats Love Story will Make You Believe in Love again – Lovleen Vats Biography

Lovleen Vats Biography

Loveleen Vats is a family YouTuber and Vlogger who basically hails from India and currently living in Melbourne, Australia for the past so many years.

He started making videos on Youtube on 2 May 2020 and currently, his channel has around 3.5 lakh subscribers.

Lovleen Vats was born and brought up in Samalkha, Haryana, India on 24 October 1985.

He is 36 years old as of 2021. He currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with his family member.

Lovleen’s educational background includes a BBA and an MBA, and he currently works as a back-office manager for a multinational company in Australia.

Lovleen is one of those people who with the help of his wife Courtney, continues to make videos on a variety of topics such as entertainment, food, and vlogging, which he then shares on his YouTube channel. 

People have shown so much love to Lovleen and Kourtney’s YouTube channel and they all love to watch their videos, and they are both followed by millions of people nowadays.

This couple’s YouTube channel currently has over 40 lakh subscribers, and this number also keeps increasing day by day. 

Loveleen Vats and Courtney Vats Love Story

Lovleen and Courtney met for the first time on the job. Lovleen used to work as a corporate manager at the same company where Courtney used to work. Both used to meet with each other on a regular basis for work.

Actually, Lovleen drew Courtney’s attention due to his warm personality and attractive appearance and so did Courtney got impressed by him. 

Following that, Cortney proposed to Lovleen that they go on a date for the first time, thereby moving their relationship forward, and Lovleen accepted the proposal.

Courtney had fallen in love with Lovleen on their first date, and both of them were aware of it. Following their first date, the two spent a lot of time together and eventually fell in love with each other.

Despite the fact that Lovleen is a shy person in general, he introduced Courtney to his friends and confessed in front of them that they are both in love with each other and want to marry each other.

His friends were also overjoyed to know and understand their romance.

Loveleen Vats and Courtney Vats Love Story will Make You Believe in Love again - Lovleen Vats Biography

When it comes to Courtney, she is from South Australia, where love marriages are very common, but it was not in the case for Lovleen, who came from a traditional Indian family.

Lovleen was shy by nature and that’s why he was concerned that his family would not accept an Australian woman as their daughter-in-law and this is the main reason why he was not able, to tell the truth, that he was in a relationship with Courtney.

However, when his parents expressed their interest in marrying an Indian girl to Lovleen then he realizes that he must have to speak about his relationship with Courtney to his parents.  

Courtney also felt that Lovleen was not very sure about their relationship and would never be able to tell her parents about their love affair.

However, Lovleen proved this to be completely wrong and eventually, he told all about his and Courtney’s relationship to his family members.

To the surprise of Lovleen, all the family members liked Courtney very much and gave their consent for their marriage.

Lovleen Proposal to Courtney and their Marriage

Lovleen surprised Courtney by proposing to her after gaining his parent’s permission for marriage. Courtney accepted the proposal.

Following that, both of them married in the presence of their families, having to follow both Indian and Western marriage traditions.

In today’s time, they have been married for more than 7 years and both of them are living their life happily with each other and both of them have also become parents of two children.

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