Peter Elbaum Biography – My Coding Journey

My Coding Journey – Ft. Peter Elbaum Biography

Although I am a fully qualified senior software engineer now, in 2015 I had no programming experience. Let me explain how I get here.

I had recently relocated to a new city and had just ended a year of teaching high school Spanish in the fall of 2015.

I spent a lot of time looking for employment on Indeed and discovered that the city was the location of many of the job posts.

When I realized that the interviews I was having were for software-related positions,

I remembered a chat I had with my tech-savvy aunt, who had advised me to look into coding Bootcamps. I thus begin to explore a little bit online on sites like Codecademy and free code camp.

I end up taking a non-technical job in foster care and I really don’t like this job so during that school year. I start to think about what I could do next.

At the same time as I’m starting to write my first lines of code in those online resources. I also buy a book during that year called to head the first javascript and realise that learning to code is like nothing. I’ve learned before my lesson from 2015. 

My Coding JourneyPeter Elbaum Biography

I enroll in coding Bootcamp after deciding last year that I wanted to pursue a career as a software developer.

In this front-end-focused Bootcamp, we start with the fundamentals like HTML and CSS but by the fourth week, we’ve already surpassed all I had learned during my year of independent study.

In addition to learning frameworks like Backbone and React, we also cover more recent technologies like Sas and mobile-first style.

Near the conclusion of the program, the boot camp turns out to be the toughest thing I’ve ever done, making this four-month time the most difficult I’ve ever experienced.

I choose to work for my final capstone project with a local startup using their API and building a standalone app that they could, in theory, incorporate into their product we call it an internship and it ends up being my first real experience overall. 

The lesson from this period is to focus on learning over results I was so scared about failing the boot camp that I didn’t really allow myself to explore my own curiosity and ended up learning not as much as I could have.

Final Conclusion on My Coding Journey – Ft. Peter Elbaum Biography

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