Revolution 2020 Book Review [2023]

Revolution 2020 is a novel by Indian author Chetan Bhagat. It is a coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of corruption, politics, and business in Varanasi. The story follows the lives of three friends, Gopal, Raghav, and Aarti, as they navigate the challenges of love, ambition, and morality in modern India. The novel explores the … Read more

How to Wash Canada Goose Jacket?

Canada Goose jackets are made with high-quality materials and are designed to keep you warm in cold temperatures. However, they can become dirty and stained over time, and may need to be washed. Here is a more detailed explanation of the steps to wash a Canada Goose jacket: Check the Care Label: Before washing, check … Read more

Will Canada and America Ever Merge?

No, it is unlikely that Canada and the United States will merge into a single country in the future. Both countries have distinct political systems, cultures, and identities, and any proposal to merge would likely face significant opposition from citizens of both nations. Furthermore, such a merger would raise many complex political, legal, and economic … Read more

Why Canada’s Population is So Low?

Canada has a relatively low population density compared to other countries, with a population of about 38 million people. This can be attributed to several factors, including its vast size, harsh climate in some regions, and dispersed settlement patterns. Additionally, Canada has a relatively small immigration rate compared to other countries, which has also contributed … Read more

Will Canada Leave the Commonwealth?

There is no current indication that Canada will leave the Commonwealth. In fact, Canada has been an active member of the Commonwealth since its inception and has shown no signs of wanting to leave. The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 countries, mostly former territories of the British Empire, who work together on issues … Read more

Why Canada is So Cold?

Canada is cold due to its high latitude, which means it is closer to the North Pole and experiences long, cold winters and short, mild summers. Additionally, the country is surrounded by water, including the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, which also contributes to its cold climate by … Read more

Can Anyone Go to Canada?

No, not everyone can go to Canada. To enter Canada, one must meet certain requirements, such as having a valid travel document (such as a passport) and, if necessary, a visa. In addition, one may also be subject to health and security screenings before being allowed to enter the country. To enter Canada, you generally … Read more

Can Anyone Buy Rolls Royce?

Yes, anyone can buy a Rolls-Royce car if they have the financial means to do so. However, the price of a Rolls-Royce can range from several hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars, depending on the model and specific features. Rolls-Royce is a luxury automaker that produces some of the most exclusive and expensive cars … Read more

How Many Indians Are there in Canada?

According to the latest available data from the 2021 Canadian Census, there are approximately 1.5 million people of Indian origin living in Canada. The Indian community is one of the largest and fastest-growing ethnic groups in Canada. In recent decades, many people of Indian origin have immigrated to Canada for job opportunities and a high … Read more

All You Want to Know About the Life of Indians in Canada

Indians form a significant part of the Canadian immigrant community and their experience varies greatly based on factors such as their socioeconomic status, education level, language proficiency, and cultural background. Many Indian immigrants in Canada have successfully integrated into the Canadian society and enjoy a high standard of living. They also maintain their cultural identity … Read more