Surajpal singh and Yashi Tank love story

What is the story of Surajpal Singh and Yashi Tank?

Surjpal Singh and Yashi Tank are not new names to the world of Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube. Both have millions on their social media. The videos and blogs uploaded by both are liked by many people.

We get to see their strong chemistry in these videos. Due to the good content, their videos also become viral on social media very soon.

Today we will try to tell you about the relationship and success story of both. After all, how both of them became such a big star, we will know with the help of this article.

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Surajpal singh and Yashi Tank Love story

Surajpal Singh Yashitank Love story (Relationship)

Surajpal Singh and Yashi Tank met for the first time in their school. Then both of them were studying in 9th standard. Suraj was very fond of making videos. Yashi also had the same interest. That is why both of them started making videos together.

If we talk about the educational qualification of both, then Yashi Tank has studied Bachelor of Commerce degree while Surajpal has studied BBA. With this, Yashi Tank has passed many government job examinations.

According to both, they are not in any relationship. Both consider each other as very good friends. Both want to maintain their friendship. But their followers believe that both are in a relationship with each other.

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Surajpal Singh and Yashi Tank Success story

Surajpal had a great desire to make a video. He used to make videos on various video platforms before coming to Tiktok. But even after posting many videos on Tiktok, his videos were not going viral.

But Suraj received the fruits of his hard work. Once he made a video with her mother and it went viral. In this way, people came to know him. After this, his followers started growing.

Surajpal singh and Yashitank love story

After this, Suraj joined Yashi. The two started making videos together. His and Yashi’s chemistry is liked very much by their followers. People started appreciating the pair of them. Thus Surajpal Singh and Yashi Tank became famous.

After Tiktok was banned in India, both of them started sharing their videos on Instagram. They also got the benefit of fan following made in Tiktok on Instagram.

Apart from this, both of them also have a YouTube channel where they continue to share the vlogs of their personal lives. Their followers also like their vlogs very much. Yashi Tank also has a personal YouTube channel where she shares fashion-related content.

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Final words on Surajpal Singh and Yashi Tank Story

From the story mentioned in above article, it is quite clear that both comes from very long way. They both struggled in their life to get a desired success. Weather they are in relationship is not but their success story is really very inspirational and one can take inspiration from it to grow their respective career.

Their Success story gives us the inspiration that whatever happens, we should keep working hard. We definitely get success one day if we continue working hard towards our goals.

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