Rohit Singhania Love story

Revealed: Rohit Singhania Love Story

Rohit Singhania’s name is very big in the social media world. Due to his excellent looks and personality, this man rules every girl’s heart. Today we will talk about the love story of Rohit Singhania (Rohit Singhania Love story)

He is a very popular video creator and YouTuber. Today we will tell you about Rohit Singhania’s love story through this article.

We all know that Rohit Singhania is a famous model and dancer. His videos with his wife are loved by everyone. He is a famous digital entrepreneur. He has a dream to become an actor in Bollywood.

He is a resident of Mumbai Maharashtra. He has become very famous due to his videos in Tiktok. Today he has millions of followers on social media. His love story is very interesting.

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Rohit Singhania Wife

Rohit Singhania’s love story with his wife is very funny. His wife’s name is Priya Singhania. She belongs to a Muslim family and her real name is Yusara. But in Rohit’s house, she is affectionately called Priya.

Despite having both different religions, there is never a fight between the two. According to Rohit’s saying, the two celebrate all festivals together.

Despite being of a different religion, both of them have very much understanding of each other. The family of both is also very supportive of each other. Both have given different examples of Hindu and Muslim love.

Rohit Singhania wife

As per our information collected, His wife is a fashion designer and belongs to Gurgaon city.

Rohit Singhania love story with his wife

Rohit Singhania’s meeting with Priya took place through social media. One day When he was scrolling Facebook he sent a friend request to her. With this friend request, he also sent very sweet messages to her.

Priya (Yusara) did not quickly reply to that message from Rohit. After a few days, both of them started talking to each other through social media. Rohit had told in one of his vlogs that he had impressed her through the poetry of Zakir Khan.

Soon both of them started talking to each other daily. After this, both of them exchanged mobile numbers with each other. This was at a time when he was not using Tiktok.

While talking with each other, both of them started growing each other in their respective heart. The two soon entered into a relationship with each other after starting the chatting. But till now they had not met each other physically.

But finally, both met. After this, both of them became serious about their relationship.

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Mr. and Mrs. Singhania Love story

But like all relationships, the relationship between these two also had a delicate mode. Yusara had stopped talking to Rohit due to insecurity. Because she was afraid that Rohit might be in a relationship with other girls too.

After this, Rohit got angry and broke his relationship with this girl. After getting out of this relationship, he started making videos on Tiktok with another girl. According to Rohit, that girl was his very best friend.

But both had a feeling for each other. Therefore, the relationship between the two deteriorated once again. Once again, they started talking to each other. Rohit also started giving more and more time to his girlfriend. They both become more serious about their beloved relationship.

After this, both of them got married to each other at the will of the family. Today both of them look very happy with each other. Both keep sharing the vlogs of their personal lives through YouTube.

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Final words on Yusara and Rohit Singhania Love Story

RelianceShip World and their team wish Rohit Singhania and his wife Yusra all the best for their future. Also, we pray to God that the pair of these two should always be safe.

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