Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhary Love story

When Khushi Rejected Vivek’s Marriage Proposal: Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhary love story

Everyone who is active on social media today knows about Vivek Chaudhary and Khushi Punjaban. Their videos are liked by many people. Today we will tell you about Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhary love story.

Vivek Chaudhary is a Jat and Khushi belongs to a proper Punjabi family. Vivek Chaudhary won the title of Mr. Uttarakhand in the year 2018. On the other hand, Khushi also won the title of North Most Beautiful Women.

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When did Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhary meet for the first time?

Khushi came to Delhi from Punjab after studying her 12th standard. During this time Khushi used to do modeling and hosting. Vivek Chaudhary and Khushi also met for the first time during a modeling show.

Vivek Chaudhary was playing the character of the judge in that show. While Khushi Chaudhary participated in this show as a model. Vivek has fallen in love with her at first sight. Seeing Khushi, Vivek realized that she was made only for him.

He tried to communicate with her in the same show. After this show, Both have become good friends. But Vivek wanted to make Khushi his life partner. He was very much in love with her.

When Khushi rejected Marriage Proposal

Eventually, He dared one day to propose Khushi for marriage. He told Khushi about all the things in his heart. But Khushi was not more pleased with this proposal. He rejected this proposal.

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Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhay Love story

Vivek was deeply saddened by the rejection of the proposal. He was completely broken. But he was not one of those who gave up easily. He kept trying. In the end, Khushi also fell in love with him.

The untold part of Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhary Love Story

How their Parents reacted on their relationship?

After this Vivek Chaudhary told his family about Khushi. She was very nervous when she had to go to meet Vivek’s family. Because she was afraid that as she is a model there arr highly chance that Vivek’s family members might reject her.

But his family was very independent-minded. His family liked her very much. On the other hand, she also liked the friendly nature of Vivek’s family.

Khushi was very happy after meeting Vivek’s family. She was ready to marry him. Vivek’s family also gave a green signal to this relationship. But both were yet to cross a major hurdle.

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When the real problem came in their love story

When Khushi told her family about her and Vivek’s relationship, they refused this relationship. Khushi, Vivek, and his family worked hard to convince Khushi’s parents.

All the people together explained a lot to the family members of Khushi. Their hard work finally paid off. They agreed to Khushi and Vivek’s marriage. Finally, both of them married each other on 28 January 2019 as per Punjabi customs.

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Professional Career of Vivek Chaudhary and Khushi Punjaban

Talking about the career of their Tiktok, Khushi shared a video of her and Vivek’s wedding on Tiktok. Khushi did not make regular Tiktok videos at that time. But the video of their wedding became very viral.

After this video went viral, they both became very famous. After that, they started sharing their regular videos on Tiktok. Their videos began to be highly liked by their followers.

Khushi has been a part of many fashion shows along with modeling. He and Vivek still continue to do modeling shows. Both also get a lot of support from the family of Vivek.

They also started sharing their videos on Instagram after Tiktok was banned in India. Apart from this, both also have a channel named Mr. and Mrs. Chaudhary on Youtube. In this channel, they keep sharing about their personal life vlogs.

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