Why Riya left Amit?-Amit Bhadana and Riya Mavi Relationship

Amit Bhadana is one of the most popular and oldest content creators on YouTube. He has huge numbers of subscribers on various social media platforms. He is one of the most popular and successful content creators of Indian social media platforms.

But, today we are not going to discuss much Amit Bhadana, Instead, we will discuss the actual reality of the Amit Bhadana and Riya Mavi relationship status.

If people don’t know who is Riya Mavi, we would like to best describe her as one of the most popular Indian social media celebrities, who often appeared in Amit’s YouTube videos during the initial days of his struggle. Riya’s charm is also one of the main reasons why Bhadana’s YouTube went viral those days.

People liked the chemistry of Amit Bhadana and Riya Mavi very much. They also started spreading rumors that both are in a relationship with each other. But like other social media influencers, they both have always denied the news of their relationship.

However, after some time, Riya suddenly disappeared from Amit’s video. She moved forward and started her own YouTube channel in a short period of time after leaving the team of Amit Bhadana’s YouTube channel.

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Why Riya Mavi left the Amit Bhadana’s YouTube Channel?

Amit Bhadana and Riya Mavi relationship

As we all know that Amit got lots of success on social media platforms due to his desi swag video content. People liked his video very much at that time and he suddenly becomes one of the biggest stars of the Indian YouTube community. His chemistry with Riya Mavi also becomes the talk of the town. But all comes to an end when Riya suddenly leaves the team of Amit Bhadana in mid-way.

People also started speculating various things about them. However, there was no clarification has been given by both of them, which also makes one of the most discussed confusion points around their subscribers. Despite all the negativity around them, Amit continued to making videos on YouTube. However, after some time, Riya gave clarification on why she is not working with Amit Bhadana?

In one Q&A session with popular video creator Kirti Mehra (Who often seen in the videos of popular star Elvish Yadav), she cleared all the things in details that why she is not working with Amit and his YouTube team. She has given various reasons for this controversy.

The first reason that was given by her is her financial condition. She clarified that she hasn’t got any payment from the team of Amit Bhadana for almost 1.5 years. She also added that she is also bearing the cost of all the regular costs of makeup, dresses, and transportation herself. It made it very difficult for her to work with them without the money, so she decided to quit his channel.

The second reason which was given by the Riya Mavi is that the team of Amit Bhadana was not respecting her efforts in videos. She said that they were ignoring her during the time of promotion of their channel’s videos and she didn’t get many chances for representing herself against the media personality due to the bad behavior of Amit Bhadana.

The third reason was given by Riya Mavi that she realized that she couldn’t grow much on social media in the influence of Amit Bhadana as he was very popular. Neither she was getting payment nor her individual growth is growing with them. So she decided to quit that channel and make her individual YouTube channel.

However, Amit Bhadana has not responded to this controversy till now. His silence on this matter is leading their followers to think that Riya’s all allegations are right and she was really struggling in her personal and professional career when she was with Amit Bhadana and Co.


Final words on Amit Bhadana and Riya Mavi relationship reality.

Today Both Amit Bhadana and the Riya Mavi is the owner of their respective YouTube channel. While Amit has millions of followers already while Riya is also growing followers on various social media platforms. What do you think who is right here in this controversy? Please share your views with us.

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