Ashish Chanchlani and Simran Dhanwani relationship

Is Simran dating Ashish? – Ashish Chanchlani and Simran Dhanwani relationship

As we all know, Ashish Chanchlani is a popular video creator on YouTube and has millions of subscribers on digital media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Their fans keep asking about the Ashish Chanchlani and Simran Dhanwani relationship. Are they really dating each other? Let’s find out.

Before moving to our main article, let’s try to find more detailed information about Simran Dhanwani who often features Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube videos as a female lead. Their fans keep buzzing about their relationship.

Who is Simran Dhanwani and why she is so popular?

The early life of Simran Dhanwani

Simran Dhanvani is a popular video creator on YouTube and Instagram who often features in many videos with Ashish Chanchalani. She was also featured in the BB Ki Vines YouTube channel’s video along with Bhuvan Bam. She was born on 15th October 1995 in Mumbai.

You would feel amazing if we tell you that Simran’s original name was Karuna. But his family was a huge fan of the popular movie of SRK which is DDLJ. They liked Simran’s character very much and changed her name from Karuna to Simran. This might look funny but yes this is really true.

Ashish Chanchlani and SImran Dhanwani relationship

If we talk about her family then, her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Simran has two elder sisters who are married and also has a younger brother who is unmarried. Their name was actually not revealed by her.

She had completed her bachelor’s degree in Mass Media communication from one of the popular colleges of Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to her, she was very good at her studies but she always wanted to become a dancer and actress.

Simran is really very fond of doing the dance. Dance is life for her. Apart from dancing she also likes to do vlogging and making videos on YouTube. She is really passionate about growing her career as a YouTube actress.

She started making videos on YouTube after taking inspiration from the Ashish Chanchlani and Aakash ( Jaddoo). (Kunal is a popular video creator and the co-actor of Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube channel and also a very good friend of Ashish and Simran). According to Simran, they both helped a lot to grow her YouTube channel.

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Ashish Chanchlani and Simran Dhanwani Relationship

Ashish himself has revealed that he and Simran actually met with each other through a common friend. According to him, he has a huge crush on Simran. (Chill guys, he said it in a funny way!!!) They met with each other during 2016 when Jio was launched in India and Ashish was becoming quite popular those days due to his epic videos.

According to Ashish, he was fed up by doing female characters for the videos by himself. So he was looking for a female actor who can play this role properly. When he saw Simran for the first time he thought that she could become a perfect material for the role of an actress for his YouTube channel’s video.

So Ashish approached her for the acting videos and eventually, Simran also agreed. Then they soon make videos featuring their chemistry. Eventually, it was liked by their subscribers very much. Their fans were gone made with the chemistry of the Ashish Chanchlani and Simran Dhanvani. They set the Indian digital platform on fire.

Now talking about their relationship, many times their followers questioned their relationship status. But both always played a safe game for these heated questions. Both told the media that they are just very good friends and are not in any relationship with each other.

Simran Dhanvani’s name was also included with the Aakash (Jadoo) but both Simran and Aakash also denied this relationship affair. They said that they both also are good friends with each other.

However, their fans still think that Ashish Chanchalani and Simran Dhanvani are in a relationship with each other and not revealing their affair to the public. Let’s see after all time has all the answers.

Final words on Ashish Chanchlani and Simran Dhanwani relationship

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