The Reality of Muskaan Sharma and Amir Arab Relationship

Muskaan Sharma is indeed one of the best digital content creators on Indian social media platforms. She has made too many romantic videos with her then-boyfriend Shadab Khan. They were both highly appreciated content creators on Tiktok when it was on a peak.

However, soon after TikTok was banned in India, they started sharing content via Instagram and YouTube. They both got immense popularity and a huge fan following. People started appreciating their pair and they both get huge numbers of followers on their social media platforms.

Muskaan Sharma and Amir Arab relationship reality

Muskaan Sharma and Shadab Khan Breakup

Their glorious journey of making romantic videos with each other comes to an end when they both decided to get separated from each other. Their breakup is still talk of the town for many of their followers. People are speculating various theories post their separation from each other.

Post her breakup with Shadab Khan, Muskaan Sharma made many serious allegations against Shadab and blamed him for their recent breakup. She also filed a police complaint against him. If you really wanted to know about the actual reason for Muskaan Sharma and Shadab Khan breakup then you can find it from here.

After breaking up with Muskaan Sharma, Shadab Khan got married to famous TikTok star Shalini Suryavanshi. You can also find the reality of the Shadab Khan and Shalini Suryavanshi from here. Today both are living happily with each other and enjoying their newly married life.

Let’s find out what is Muskaan Sharma actually doing after her breakup with Shadab Khan.

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Muskaan Sharma and Amir Arab Relationship Reality

According to some sources, after breaking up with Shadab Khan, Muskaan Sharma is now dating another famous TikTok star named Amir Arab. It is said that both are in a relationship with each other. However, there is no such official information revealed by both of them till now.

After separating from Shadab Khan, Muskaan collaborated with the famous TikTok star Amir Arab. They both often share romantic videos on their social media platforms.

The videos shared by both of them are being liked very much by their followers and due to this, the news of both are in a relationship with each other has also got a lot of air.

Both Muskaan Sharma and Amir Arab have always avoided questions regarding their relationship. Both have never spoken openly about their relationship in front of the media.

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Although Amir Arab had told in one of his interviews that he considers Muskaan Sharma to be a very good friend and there is no other relationship between the two than friendship at the moment.

Some Important Information about TikTok star Amir Arab

  • Amir Arab basically belongs to Ahmedabad city of the Gujarat state. He moved to Mumbai to settle down his dancing career.
  • Amir Arab is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He got inspiration from him to become an actor in the future.
  • He is such a great dancer and had participated in many dance competitions and won many of them.
  • He joined TikTok in 2018 and got immense success and popularity from this platform and soon became a social media sensation in India.
  • Currently, it is said that he is in a relationship with famous social media influencer Muskaan Sharma.

Final Words on Muskaan Sharma and Amir Arab Relationship

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