Danish and Sana Love Story

In the world of Instagram and Tiktok, both Sana and Danish are well-known. A lot of people are liking videos uploaded by Sana and Danish. The Danish and Sana love story is also different from other stories. Today we will tell you about the love story of Danish and Sana through this article.

Both first met each other in Mumbai. Danish had already lived and worked in Mumbai while Sana had come to Mumbai only for the second time. Before meeting each other, both knew only each other’s names. Both did not know much about each other.

Sana Islam Khan and Danish Alfaz Love Story

Sana met Danish Alfaaz in connection with work. At that time, a song from Danish Alfaz was about to be released in which Sana was cast. After this, both of them started to know and recognize each other.

After their first meeting, the two used to talk on Instagram. After all, Danish dared one day to ask Sana for his phone number. After that, both of them started talking with each other through Whatsapp. The two were still trying to understand each other.

When Danish and Sana talking eachother, they both were in a relationship with someone else. Because of this, both did not talk more than each other. Both also took care of their respective relationships. There was a lot of distance between the two. Danish lived in Mumbai while Sana was living at her home.

Danish and Sana Love story

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During these days of conversation, the two became very good friends of each other. Finally, Danish went to meet Sana in his hometown. After this, both of them started meeting more than each other. At that time Danish lived in Mumbai and Sana in Calcutta.

Danish used to visit Calcutta at that time because of his work. That is why the period of his and Sana’s visits was increasing. Because of spending so much time together, the love for each other was growing drastically.

After spending a lot of time with each other in Calcutta, the two became very close to each other. After coming back from Calcutta to Mumbai, Danish and Sana started talking to each other a lot. Both were not paying much attention to their work. After all, there was a new love.

Danish was in Mumbai and Sana was in Calcutta. The differences between the two were very high. Both were missing each other very much and also wanted to meet each other. But they could not meet due to time and conscience.

After all, Danish once again went to Calcutta to meet Sana. The two spent quality time with each other. The two also celebrated Christmas with each other. It was a great moment for both of them.

Danish Alfaz and Sana Islam Khan Relationship

According to Danish, one of the two did not propose to anyone. The feeling had developed itself between both of them. This feeling later converted into love for each other.

After this, both of them went to Manali to celebrate the new year. After coming from Manali, both of them accepted this thing that they love each other. Both of them thought of telling their family about each other.

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Danish told about Sana to his family. His family accepted both of them with a big heart. At Danish’s hometown, Sana enjoyed it a lot. After enjoying their time at Danish’s hometown both went to their respective places. 

After revealing their relationship to their family, Danish moved back to Mumbai. On the other hand, Sana also decided to come to Mumbai to work in an Influencer Industry. Sana finally convinces her family and she moves to Mumbai.

After coming to Mumbai, Sana and Danish started working with each other. Both of them worked together on many projects. Both want to work more with each other. The two currently live together in Mumbai.

After being set in her professional career, Sana also told her family about her and Danish’s love. Sana’s family also easily accepted Danish. One reason for this is that Danish is very set in his professional career.

Sana Islam Khan and Danish Alfaz are really looking cute together. Both look very beautiful with each other. The team of Relationship World congratulates Danish and Sana for the future.

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Final Words on Danish and Sana Love Story

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