Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Love Story

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Love Story is Pure Love. – Bhuvneshwar Kumar Wife

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Wife

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is considered a real part of the main quick bowlers of India.

In the realm of cricket, he is known as the King of Swing.

He is an important individual from the Indian cricket members and is viewed as an exceptionally important part of each of the three cricket formats.

In the field of cricket, Bhuvi has dismissed numerous great batsmen and has won many counterparts for India. Yet, do you know who has taken the wicket of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, in actuality?

Nupur Nagar is that young lady whom Bhuvi lost his heart.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar’s romantic tale is actually quite fascinating.

In this article, we will be going to share with you each and everything about their love story in deep.

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Love Story
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The love story of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar both met with each other when they both were just 13 years of age.

Soon they became very good friends with one another. Hence, their love story started from an early age.

Substantially, Bhuvi and Nupur both were living in the same colony during their childhood days.

They both were very good friends with each other.

In one of her interviews, Nupur Nagar revealed that they both used to play with each other various games during their childhood.

She also further added that Bhuvneshwar and her relation was like a sister and brother during those days.

Eventually, they both fell in love and got married to each other in November 2017.

Who proposed first?

Many people have asked this question because we all know that Bhuvi is such a calm and composed type of personality both on and off the field.

We haven’t seen him much expressing his feelings after taking a wicket or hitting a boundary. However, Nupur Nagar has the best answer to this question.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Love Story

In one of her interviews, Nupur Nagar revealed that it was a Bhuvneshwar Kumar who proposed her first to be in a relationship with him.

She further added that Bhuvi proposed to her 3 times. First time on the text, the second time on call, and the third time on the face-to-face scenario. Isn’t it really very cute?

Nupur Nagar was studying software engineering and she was quite sure regarding her future but not sure about her relationship with Bhuvi.

So she took some time to think about Bhuvneshwar’s proposal and eventually got agreed to be in a relationship with him.

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Love Story is Pure Love.

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Why Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar’s Love story (Bhuvneshwar Kumar Wife) is really special?

Friends, Bhuvi and Nupur’s love story is really very special and interesting and we can give you many reasons for justifying that upper mentioned statement.

Their love story started when Bhuvi was just a struggling cricketer and not even playing for the Ranji cricket team.

Still, Nupur accepted his love proposal and supported him in every good and rough patch of his life.

There was a time when Bhuvneshwar and Nupur maintained a long-distance relationship for many years with each other as Bhuvi was playing for Uttar Pradesh’s Ranji cricket team and was traveling to different parts of the country to play his first-class cricket.

Being in a long-distance relationship, a time had come that both of them started quarreling with each other and had stopped talking to each other.

This time was the worst time of his love life.

However, they soon sorted out their relationship-related issues and started dating again.

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Marriage

Both Bhuvi and Nupur successfully maintained privacy about their relationship despite having an affair with each other for so many years.

They actually avoided the eye of the media whenever were dating each other.

Even media persons came to know about their relationship when they both decided to get married to each other.

Talking about the family approval for the marriage is also a quite interesting story which was revealed by Bhuvneshwar Kumar in one of his interviews.

According to Bhuvi’s words both his and Nupur’s family was unaware of their secret affair with each other.

The best thing is that Bhuvi’s family got to know about his affair with Nupur from the outsider.

However, Bhuvi’s family is broad-minded and that’s why they accepted Nuper Nagar wholeheartedly.

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Their love story was approved by the Bhuvi’s family but they faced real obligations in Nupur’s family.

Her family raised some questions regarding their future but both Bhuvi and Nupur handled all the rough times smoothly.

They both were continuously making efforts to get marriage approval from her family.

Eventually, her family also accepted their relationship and tied a knot in November 2017 in Uttar Pradesh.

Many Indian cricketers including Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, and Rohit Sharma were seen present at his wedding reception.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Debut Spell is Nupur’s Favorite

Nupur Nagar is who someone is not much interested in cricket despite having a tag of cricketer’s wife.

However, in one of her interviews, she told that Bhuvi’s spell against Pakistan in his debut match in 2012 is her favorite.

When Bhuvneshwar Kumar debuted, Nupur Nagar was studying engineering and lived in a hostel.

He also saw Bhuvneshwar’s debut match in the hostel itself.

When she saw him for the first time in the Indian cricket team’s jersey then she realized why Bhuvi was considered the most talented oy in his entire family.

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Final Words on Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nupur Nagar Love story

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