What is the real reason behind Sonal Vengurlekar and Sumit Bharadwaj Breakup?

Sonal Vengurlekar and Sumit Bharadwaj are some of the most popular faces of the television industry. They both appeared in many daily soaps and had worked together in a daily soap named “Shashtri Sisters”.

There were rumors that they both were dating one another during the show was airing on Tv. This couple was the talk of the town back then 4 years. Their fans liked their chemistry very much and they were often sharing pictures of them on different social media platforms.

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But after the end of the Shastri Sisters show, both of them broke the relationship of love with each other. Because of this, their fans were very shocked with their this kind of decision. Today, through this article, we will try to tell you the real reason behind their breakup.

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Sonal Vengurlekar and Sumit Bharadwaj Breakup Reason

The pair of Sonal and Sumit was liked by many lovers of the show “Shashtri Sisters”. They both were quite famous couples back in those days. Therefore, when the truth of Sumit and Sonal’s breakup came in front of the people, they could not accept it easily.

Till now, no response has been received from Sumit’s side regarding the breakup between him and Sonal. Actually, after the breakup, he also got into a relationship with an air hostess named Aparajita Sharma. Their fans still speculating that this girl is the actual reason behind their breakup.

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Sonal was the first to tell in the media about their breakup. According to Sonal, there was a compatibility issue between her and Sumit and due to this both of them decided to separate from each other.

But have you ever thought about how suddenly such a problem can come between people who are in a relationship with each other for the last 4 years? There must have been some big reason behind their breakup.

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Sonal Vengurlekar went into depression after her breakup

In one of her interviews, Sonal had told that she went into a serious depression after a sudden breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj. But her mother took good care of her during this time and after that she became healthy.

In one of his interviews, she had told that after the breakup, she is not in any kind of contact with Sumit Bhardwaj. She doesn’t want to have any kind of friendship with him. ” I would like to add few more friends rather than to remain in contact with my ex-boyfriend’.

After breaking up with Sumit Bhardwaj, Sonal focused on her career. She also appeared in a serial aired on Star Bharat. Varun Turki was his co-star in this show. Sonal and Varun’s chemistry was liked so much by their fans.

According to sources, the closeness between Sonal and Varun grew during the show and both were also dating each other. But later it all proved to be a rumor only. They both told the media that they are just good friends.

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Sumit Bharadwaj is dating Aparajita Sharma now

It is worth noting that after the breakup between the two, Sumit immediately started dating a girl named Aparajita. Because of this, the fans of Sonal and Sumit got shocked.

In 2019, Sumit also made a post on Instagram publicizing his relationship with Aparajita Sharma. Today Sumit Bhardwaj’s fans have also accepted the matter of his breakup with Sonal.


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Aparajita Sharma is an air hostess and hails from Delhi. She is associated with a very famous airline as an air hostess. The pair of Sumit and Aparajita has been very much liked by their fans. If sources are to be believed, then both can also marry each other very soon.

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Final words on Sonal Vengurlekar and Sumit Bhardwaj Breakup

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