Sangeeta Bijlani and Mohammad Azharuddin Love Story

Friends, Bollywood, and cricket have always had an old relationship. The names of many famous cricketers are associated with many Bollywood actresses. (Sangeeta Bijlani and Mohammad Azharuddin Love Story)

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya and Natasha, Harbhajan Singh, and Geeta Basra are some examples of the pair made by the collaboration of Bollywood and cricket.

Today we will tell you one such love story. This love story is of former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin. Azhar had an affair with Sangeeta Bijlani and later both of them got married to each other.

If you really want to know more about Mohammad Azharuddin and Sangeeta Bijlani’s love story then kindly please read this article till the end.

Mohammad Azharuddin and Sangeeta Biijlani Love Story

Mohammad Azharuddin has been one of the best cricketers of his time and one of the most successful captains of India. He has also achieved a lot in the field of cricket. But apart from cricket, his whole life was also surrounded by controversies.

Along with cricket, Mohammad Azharuddin’s affair with Sangeeta Bijlani was very much discussed. After this, Azharuddin’s name also cropped up in match-fixing and he was also dropped from the Indian cricket team after that particular match-fixing incident.

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Mohammad Azharuddin’s first marriage happened with one girl named “Naurin” as she was basically from Hyderabad, the hometown of Azhar. This was an arranged marriage and it was fixed by their respective family. Azhar and Naureen had a very good relationship till some time after their marriage. Naureen also gave birth to two sons after her marriage to Azhar.

When Azharuddin Meet Sangeeta Bijlani for the first time

Sangeeta Bijlani and Azharuddin first met during the shooting of an advertisement in the year 1990. Azhar was the captain of the Indian cricket team at that time and his name was very big for the whole of India and the rest of the cricket world.

When Azhar and Sangeeta met each other for the first time, Sangeeta was going through a very rough patch of her life as she had done the break up with Salman Khan as he cheated on her due to one of the Bollywood actresses named Somi Aly.

Azharuddin supported Sangeeta Bijlani in this sad time and also helped her a lot in coming out of the grief of breakup. The two often spent more and more time with each other and finally, Azhar fell in love with Sangeeta.

On the other hand, Sangeeta Bijlani also liked Azharuddin’s nature very much, and she also lost her heart to him. They both expressed their love to each other and then started dating each other.

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Azharuddin’s Divorce with his first wife Naurin

Azhar and Sangeeta’s closeness was being discussed in the media for a long time. When Azhar’s first wife Naureen came to know about this, she immediately divorced Azhar and freed him to marry Sangeeta.

According to a media report, Naureen had come to know about Sangeeta Bijlani’s pregnancy. She was going to be the mother of Azhar’s child and that’s why Naurin divorced Azhar immediately.

Soon after Azhar’s divorce from Naurin, Sangeeta and Azhar both got married to each other immediately. In fact, Sangeeta Bijlani had to face lots of allegations regarding her marriage to Azharuddin. People literally blamed her for breaking out the relation between Azhar and Naurin.

However, Sangeeta was actually a brave girl and she faced all the allegations with an open mind and also Azhar had supported her a lot during that time. Azhar literally accepted that it was he, who fell in love with her at first eyesight and decided to get married to her and live the rest of his life very peacefully.

Final words on Sangeeta Bijlani and Mohammad Azharuddin Love Story

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