Shweta Agrawal and Aditya Narayan Love Story is Nothing Less than a Fairytale.

It is said that love is something that can happen to anyone with anyone. When a man/woman is in love with someone, that moment becomes the most special moment of his/her life undoubtedly.

The same thing has also happened with the popular singer Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal. They met eachother, became friends with eachother, started dating, fell in love with eachother and eventually got married to each other,.

But their journey of meeting with each other to becoming a life partner was not so easy and they also had faced so many problems.

So In this article, we are going to share the beautiful love story of Shweta Agrawal and Aditya Narayan. If you really want to know more about Aditya Narayan Love Story then read this article till the end.

Shweta Agrawal and Aditya Narayan Love story

Shweta and Aditya first met on the sets of Vikram Bhatt’s film Shapit. Actually, they both were part of that film and were cast by Vikram Bhatt.

Actually, in one of his interviews, Aditya Narayan openly told the media that when he fell in love with Shweta when he saw her for the first time. further, he also added that he proposed to her but she rejected his proposal firmly.

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Despite Shweta’s rejection, Aditya Narayan did not lose his courage and continued to try to convince Shweta. Aditya’s mother also helped him with this task.

Actually, before meeting Aditya for the first time, Shweta had heard a lot of negative things about him and because of this, she had rejected his proposal many times, and also she did not like to hang anywhere with him.

It was Aditya Narayan’s mother who convinced Shweta to hung with him and finally, they both started talking with each other after that incident.

How they both fell in love with each other?

While spending time with Aditya Narayan, Shweta finally fell in love with him and accepted Aditya’s love proposal.

Shweta Agrawal in one of her interviews revealed that ” I had very misconception about Aditya Narayan before meeting him, but once I started spending time with him, I noticed that he is the man of gem and he loves his family so much. He is actually a family man and all these reasons are enough for me to fell in love with him.

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Further, she also revealed that she actually fell in love with the sweet singing voice of Aditya Narayana. According to Aditya, she fell in love with his voice first and then with him. (Jokingly!!)

Aditya’s mother has made some important contributions to the progress of the love story of Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal. she gave this couple many chances to spend time together at every step and that’s why they both are very thankful to her.

Mini Spat of Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agrawal

In the year 2015, there were some rumors spread by the media that there was a huge verbal spat happened between Aditya and Shweta, and that’s why they both broke up with each other.

But all these things turned out to be just a rumor and Aditya had got very angry with the media about this particular matter.

According to Aditya Narayan, a flame face definitely comes in every relationship at some point in time, and due to which some rift definitely comes in the relationship. But this does not mean that the relationship should break.

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Aditya also advised the media to report any news properly and also clarified that he and Shweta are still in a relationship with each other and are going to get married soon, at that time.

Aditya and Shweta had dated each other for about 10 years and after that, they got married to each other in 2020 with the consent of their families.

Aditya and Shweta’s love story is strong proof that if your love is true, then no power in the world can stop you from becoming one. You just have to believe in your love and support your partner in every situation.

Final Words on Shweta Agrawal and Aditya Narayan Love story

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