The Untold Truth of Sanjana Ganeshan and Jasprit Bumrah Love Story

Jasprit Bumrah Love Story

As we all know that Jasprit Bumrah is currently the best fast bowler of world cricket and he is well-known for his fast bowling and accurate yorkers.

Bumrah, who currently plays for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, is a vital member of India’s cricket team and the country’s top bowler across all three formats.

In terms of his international career then he has made his ODI and T20 debut for India’s cricket team in 2016, and then in 2018, he made his debut for team India in white-ball cricket in an RSA tour, where he astonished everyone with his amazing bowling.

But Bumrah did not get this success overnight and he worked hard for many years to achieve it.

By the way, if seen, Bumrah does not talk much about his personal life, and for this reason, even the media till now could be able only to know that apart from his mother in his family, he also has a sister.

He often keeps his personal life away from the eyes of the media.

Sanjana Ganeshan and Jasprit Bumrah Love Story

But this India’s leading fast bowler made headlines when he decided to marry Sanjana Ganesan.

When Bumrah married Sanjana in March 2021, people came to know that he is not a shy person in his personal life and he was having an affair with Sanjana for the last two years.

Today, through this article, we will try to give you very important information about the love story of Sanjana and Jaspreet.

Sanjana and Jasprit Bumrah Love Story

Actually, Sanjana and Jasprit first met during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, which was hosted in England.

At the time, Sanjana was a presenter for Star Sports, while Jasprit Bumrah was an essential member of India’s World Cup team.

It is not like Sanjana and Bumrah had not met for the first time during the World Cup; in fact, they had met several times before that in connection with work, but their love story began only during the World Cup.

During the World Cup, Sanjana and Bumrah spent a lot of time together, which afforded them an excellent opportunity to get to know one other.

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They gradually became friends, and this friendship was later transformed into love.  After nearly two years of dating, they eventually got married to each other in March 2021.

Sanjana Ganeshan and Jasprit Bumrah Love Story

I thought she was arrogant: Jasprit

In fact, recently Jaspreet gave an interview to Dinesh Karthik, in which he also mentioned that he initially thought that she is very arrogant and similarly Sanjana also used to think the same about him.

But after meeting with each other, both got a chance to know a lot about each other and probably because of this both are happily married couple today and living their life very well with each other.

Apart from this, Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan have not talked much about the love story of both of them but it is possible that both the people in the future will talk more openly about their love story.

But till then we will have to wait to know their love story in a better way and what else we can do rather waiting for them to open about their relationship. Let’s wait and watch.

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