Jos Buttler's Love story

What is Jos Buttler’s Love Story?

Friends, it is generally seen that every man has his own love story. Whether it is a love story successful or unsuccessful. Today we will tell you about the love story of Joss Buttler (Joss Buttler’s Love Story).

Friends, we all know that Jos Butler is a very big name in the cricket world today. He is an important part of England’s cricket team. Buttler is a wicketkeeper batsman. He has made his place among cricket lovers around the world because of his different style of play.

You will be happy to know that Butler is very successful in his cricket career as well as he is also successful in his love life. He was married to his girlfriend Loise Butler. His love story is really very interesting.

Most people do not know much about their love story. Even more information about Jose Butler’s love story is not available on the Internet. Today we will tell you about Jose Butler’s love story through this article.

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Louise Buttler and Jos Buttler’s Love Story

Like most love stories, Butler and Louise’s love story started from the school itself. Loise told in one of her interviews that she had known Buttler since their school days. Both are good friends since the age of 14.

According to Buttler, Loise was very weak in mathematics, so she looked at his copy and did her homework. Both of them had fallen in love with each other since that time. Buttler was flirting with his girlfriend from that time when school children went to study at the age of 15. (Isn’t that crazy?)

Jos Buttler's Love story

Buttler was also a romantic since the age of 15. He used to call Loise the same age as the wife. Loise was feeling ashamed of this. But she also loved him very much.

Love story of Jos Buttler and his wife Louise Webber

However, despite being so close, the two had never dated each other at school. Both were paying more attention to their careers at that time.

The love that happened at school was never taken seriously by both. Jos Buttler was also paying more attention to his cricketing career along with studying. That is why both were not able to give much time to each other.

According to Loise, he and Buttler never dated each other at school. But once they finished school, they both started dating each other. But even then Butler was very busy in his cricketing career.

Once Buttler’s cricketing career was set, Buttler and Loise began to give each other more time from the age of about 24. Finally, both of them married each other in 2017.

Louise webber and Jos Buttler Love story

According to Butler, his wife Loise is very supportive. Usually, both of them could not spend time with each other because of cricket. But now that he goes to play wherever, he definitely takes his wife along. So that they can spend maximum time with each other.

It has been more than three years since both were married. After marriage, Loise also gave birth to a daughter. According to Louise, Butler takes very good care of her and their daughter. He is a good cricketer as well as a good husband and father.

According to Joss Buttler, Loise is the best partner for him. According to him, whenever Loise is with him, he is able to give his best performance in cricket. According to him, the marriage with Loise is the best innings of his career.

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Final Words on Jos Buttler’s Love Story

In this way, the love story of cricketer Jos Butter is also very interesting. He and his wife have been with each other since school days. We also get to learn a lot from the love story of these two. Regardless of the situation, to be with your lover is the religion of love.

Joss Buttler’s wife is a fitness trainer. She often shares videos of her fitness with her husband. Apart from this, she has also appeared in several cricket ceremonies with Buttler. She is seen supporting to her husband at every step.

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