Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup reality

The Reality of Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup

Breakups between the social media couple have become a normal thing right now. The sooner the relationship is formed here, the sooner the relationship breaks down. Last year the breakup news of Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan gained lots of attention. Let’s try to find out the actual reason between Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup.

Afsha Khan and Jubin Shah were popular TikTok couples on social media platforms. They both were making romantic short videos with each other. Soon they fell in love with each other and got married. However, their marriage has not lasted for a long time and they finally got separated from each other.

In this article, we have tried to cover all the best possible reasons for Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan’s breakup. Kindly read this article till the end to know more about the reality of their broken relationship.

Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup

Their breakup’s news first revealed by Afsha Khan by going live on Instagram after the birth of their daughter Inaya Khan. Afsha Khan literally blamed Jubin Shah for their divorce. According to her words, Jubin cheated on her and was in a relationship with some other girl when she was 8 months pregnant.

According to Afsha, she and Zubin had a fight over the shooting of a song. Actually, Jubin was doing a shooting with popular actresses like Niharika Tiwari and Divya Sharma for Zee Music company’s one album song.

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Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup reality

According to Afsha, the concept of this song was too vulgar and nude, that’s why she advised Zubin not to shoot this song. But he did not listen to her as he thought that he was at the pick of his career and do not want to refuse any project.

Afsha had accused Zubin saying that he was in a relationship with an actress during this shoot and was spending the night with her in the same hotel room. When she came to know about this, she became very sad regarding his behavior.

According to Afsha’s saying, she loved Zubin very much, that’s why she had helped Zubin financially a lot even at the time of their marriage. But he has forgotten all of those favors and cheated on her.

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Jubin’s reaction on breakup with Afsha Khan

Zubin Shah had called every allegation made by Afsha Khan baseless. According to him, she was just insecure and because of this, she was restricting him. He further added that she was restricting him on certain career-related things and that’s why he decided to separate his path from Afsha Khan.

In one of his interviews, Zubin revealed that he has always supported Afsha Khan in every situation. He also said that she had always taken care of Afsha even during her pregnancy.

Zubin also further added that there were compatibility issues between the two due to this there was frequent fighting was happening between both of them. That’s why he decided to end their relationship.

Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Divorce

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Zubin also stated in one of his interviews that Afsha was suffering from lots of mood swings during her pregnancy and had thrown him out of her house for more than 2 times and that’s why he felt being insulted and finally decided to divorce her at any cost.

He also made one more allegation that she never let met him with his daughter Inaya Khan. According to him, she was totally changed after the marriage and started making him uncomfortable with her insecurities and toxic behavior.

Zubin also stated that “She was not that girl that I loved before our marriage and she totally changed after their marriage. She insulted me many times and was celebrating her 1 million followers during her pregnancy and making me uncomfortable with her success.”

Friends, What is your view on Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup. Who is right and wrong according to you? Please share your opinion about their breakup in the comments section.

Afsha Khan and Jubin Shah Marriage
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Jubin Shah’s Mother’s Reaction on his divorce with Afsha Khan

Like a typical Indian mother, Jubin’s mother also defended his son and blamed her daughter-in-law for the breakup between the two. According to her, Jubin is the best son in the world and he is even a very good husband and can also become a very good father of his daughter Inaya Khan.

She also told that “Afsha Khan’s nature is so toxic and she is not even living with us after the marriage. She never came to my house after their marriage. I think she could have handled this matter in a more efficient way”.

She also added that “I am suffering from cancer and my both kidneys are failed, that is the reason why Jubin is continuously working to earn a decent amount of money, so he can afford my treatment. He is the best son in the world.”

Final words on Jubin Shah and Afsha Khan Breakup

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