Why did Abhilash Break up with Dhairya

Why did Abhilash break up with Dhairya in TVF’s Aspirants?

I am sure you all have watched the TVF aspirants web series which is based on UPSC preparation and the life after the UPSC. All the characters have significantly justified the role of their character.

Navin Kasturia (Abhilash) and Namita Dubey’s (Dhairya) role has some kind of uniqueness that has been liked by the maximum web series viewers.

Story of TVF Aspirants

The TVF aspirant is a story of one guy, who outcomes from all the failures and cleared one of the toughest exams of UPSC. This story of Abhilash has become an internet sensation and inspiration for all the aspirants who are preparing for the competitive exams.

A typical Indian web series or movie are generally termed incomplete if there is no love story attached to it. TVF makers also take care of this monopoly and showed the love story between the Abhilash and Dhairya.

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The Lovestory of Abhilash and Dhairya

The story of the web series begins with Abhilash, Guri, and SK in Rajendranagar, Delhi. Where all three friends were preparing for UPSC together. They have also joined a coaching class to clear the UPSC examination.

At the beginning of the story, some normal struggle days of UPSC aspirants are shown. But in all this, the character of Abhilash has been given more priority than normal.


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Abhilash is an engineer and he is working in a bank. But in the desire to pass UPSC, he comes to Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar and takes leave from his bank job for a few days.

But after some time Abhilash does not feel good in Rajendra Nagar and he again thinks of going to his home and preparing for UPSC. But after listening to an IAS lecture, he makes up his mind to stay in Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar.

During this lecture, Abhilash meets Dhairya, the female cast of this web series. Soon, they started talking with each other and both become very good friends with each other.

Both started to do preparation for UPSC with each other and spending maximum time with each other. Soon, they both fall in love with each other and started liking each other.

Their love for each other was increasing day by the day. But their destiny has some other plans.

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Why did Abhilash Broke-up with Dhairya?

Guri was a friend of Abhilash. His girlfriend’s name was Pragati. Guri used to love him so much. Apparently, they both also preparing for the various competitive exams. However, Guri was so not serious about his further career as he belonged to a royal family of Jaat,

With time, Pragati passes a government exam. That’s why she breaks her relationship with Guri. Because of this, Guri feels very sad. Abhilash had seen this situation of Guri with his own eyes, due to which he was losing faith in his love.

Abhilash wanted to clear the UPSC exam in any condition. That is the reason why he also left his bank job. He didn’t have any kind of Plan B. While Dhairya’s life goal was to serve society. Therefore, whether she passes the exams or not was not going to make big difference for her.

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The real reason for the breaking up with the Dhairya is here

Abhilash had come to understand that even if both of them pass the exams, the posting of both will be at different places and they will never be able to live together in the future. He also knew that even if either one of them passes the exam, then also both will not be able to live together in the future.

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It was possible for both of them to live together only when both of them failed the UPSC exam. But Abhilash didn’t want that at all. He wanted to clear UPSC by any means. That’s why he decided to broke her relation with Dhairya and he left her.

Another reason for Abhilash to break up with Dhairya was that as some of his friends told him that love that happened in Rajendra Nagar was never going to be successful and his friend Guri was the best example of that. That’s why he decided to part his way with his lady love Dhairya.

Final words on Why did Abhilash Break up with Dhairya.


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After breaking up with his lady love, Abhilash passes the toughest exam of UPSC and becomes IAS. But he has never forgotten Dhairya and loved her with a true heart.

After becoming an IAS, he became very sad when he comes to know that Dhairya is going to be married to his best friend Guri. That’s why he decides not to attend the wedding of both.

But at last for his old friend, he forgets all the things that happened in the past and attends his ex-girlfriend and his best friend Gurpreet Singh’s wedding very happily. Abhilash was indeed a great character.

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Do You really love the end of the TVF’s Aspirants?

I know, we haven’t any right to judge anyone’s efforts, especially in the entertainment sector. But I personally don’t like the end of the TVF’s Aspirant web series. There are two main reasons behind it.

The first one is that Dhairya married his ex-boyfriend’s best friend Guri. I personally don’t like that. Because that’s why some incompleteness is felt in their friendship.

The second reason why Abhilash deserves Dhairya because Abhilash is the main character of this web series. As fans of web series/movies, we always want happy endings like Hero and Heroine are getting married. But, unfortunately, the same thing didn’t happen at all.

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What’s your opinion?

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