Pratik Gandhi Love story

Pratik Gandhi is a very well-known name in Gujarati films. But he is in the headlines due to the recently released 1992 Scam web series. His personal life is as fun as his professional life. Today we will talk to you about his love story (Pratik Gandhi Love Story).

After working in Gujarati films, Pratik also worked in several Bollywood films. Each of his characters was liked by the audience. But he got his real identity in Bollywood only after the 1992 Scam web series. In this web series, he impressed everyone with the character of Harshad Mehta.

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Bhamini Ojha and Pratik Gandhi Love Story

As much as the story of Pratik Gandhi’s films is interesting, his love story is much more interesting than that. Pratik Gandhi married Bhamini Ojha. Their love story is like this.

Pratik Gandhi was a theater artist before appearing in Gujarati films. He used to play in a variety of theater plays. In 2005, when he was working in the theater, he noticed a girl sitting there to watch the play. He fell in love with this girl upon seeing her.

According to Pratik’s statement, he never believed in love at first sight, But after seeing that girl, he became convinced about this. He wanted to get more information about this girl.

The name of this girl was Bhamini Ojha. Pratik had fallen in love with Bhamini at first sight, so he wanted to know more about her. In such a situation, he got some information about her, from one of his common friends.

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Pratik got a mobile number of Bhamini, from his common friend. He slowly started talking to her on the call. But his love story was moving at a very slow pace. Bhamini was not ready to enter into this relationship with Pratik Gandhi so easily.

But it is said that the fruit of patience is sweet, something similar happened with Pratik Gandhi too. Finally, after waiting for 2.5 years, Bhamini said yes to meet Pratik for the first time. They both first dated in a coffee shop after 2.5 years.

Who Proposed Whom?

After meeting at the coffee shop, the relationship between the two started growing. Both of them started meeting each other repeatedly. Perhaps some feeling was born in Bhamini’s heart too for the Pratik.

According to Pratik’s statement, he wanted to propose Bhamini. But they were very afraid that the friendship of the two might break up. But finally, there came a time when Pratik shared his feeling with Bhamini.

When Pratim Gandhi proposed to her, Bhamini did not give him any answer at first. Due to this, Pratik Gandhi was very confused that he did make any mistake by proposing her?. But eventually, Bhamini gave her answer is yes. Thus their love story was initiated.

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After arriving from America, both started meeting again with each other. After all, both of them got married in 2008 with each other’s consent. Thus Pratik Gandhi’s love story is no less than the story of a film.

Today Pratik Gandhi is a very well-known actor. He is also leading a very happy life after his marriage. He is survived by a daughter in addition to him and his wife.

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Final words on Bhamini Ojha and Pratik Gandhi Love Story

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