The ethereal Love Story of Mishtu and Mishti – Kanika Bhushan and Ravi Bhushan Love Story

Many People in India have got unprecedented popularity due to the online video-sharing platform named TikTok. Due to this platform, the career of many youngsters has been set and today’s time they all have become social media sensations and this is the real power of the Internet in India.

Think for yourself how many such couples you know with whom you have connected through social media. Actually, because of Tiktok, Saadab Khan- Muskan Sharma, Khushi Punjaban- Vivek Chaudhary, and many other couples have got a lot of recognition in India.

We have already discussed the love stories of too many couples which actually got popularity through various social media platforms. Some love stories of popular couples like Surabhi Rathore and Mohak Narang, Khushi and Vivek Chaudhary has been mentioned in the link given below and you can read all this love story by simply clicking on that link.

Love Story of Mishtu and Mishti - Kanika Bhushan and Ravi Bhushan Love Story

However, In this article, we are going to discuss one more couple’s love story who is popularly known as Mishtu and Mishti on various social media platforms. Their real name is Kanika Bhushan and Ravi Bhushan.

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Mishtu and Mishti Love Story

Kanika Bhushan and Ravi Bhushan met when both of them were studying in school. Actually, their first meeting has happened through one of their common friends.

The beginning of their love story was similar to the love story of all normal couples. The two first met in school became good friends, and eventually fell in love with each other.

Actually, both loved each other very much but no one was able to tell each other about their feelings. But finally, Ravi showed courage and he finally proposed to Mishti. Mishti also accepted his proposal and finally they starting dating together.

Actually, in one of their vlog, they both revealed that when they both were dating each other, they were still studying and the funny thing is that their entire school is familiar with their love story.

Love Story of Mishtu and Mishti - Kanika Bhushan and Ravi Bhushan Love Story

According to both of them, when they were dating, they shared the happiest moments of their lives with each other. We also can understand is that falling in love for the first time is always a special thing for anyone.

Like the couples, their love story also went well as long as both of them were dating each other. They both actually started facing difficulties when the matter went to their marriage decisions.

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How they convinced their Parents?

Mishtu and Mishti’s family is a bit old-fashioned and that’s why they did not accept their relationship very easily.

Ravi Bhushan basically hails from Bihar and according to the tradition of Bihar his family had arranged his marriage with another girl at a very young age, and at that time his family members did not know about his affair with Kanika.

However, Ravi finally showed some courage and told his family about his affair with Kanika. However, his family still not accepted his relationship with her as Kanika was a resident of another state.

But Ravi Bhushan did not lose his patience at all and continued to pitch about his relationship with Kanika to his family. Eventually, his family also accepted his relationship with Kanika and allowed him to get married to her.

Even after getting permission from Ravi’s house, both of them had to struggle a lot in their love story and had to face even more difficulties to get permission for marriage from Kanika’s house.

Love Story of Mishtu and Mishti - Kanika Bhushan and Ravi Bhushan Love Story

Kanika’s mother rejected their relationship as Ravi was from Bihar and she had some misconception in her mind about the Bihari people. Kanika’s mother felt that Ravi would never be able to keep her daughter happy and that’s why she did not accept Ravi’s relationship with Kanika at all.

But it is said that the real test of love is done only in tough times and whichever couple faces this time, they always stay with each other. The same thing has happened with Ravi and Kanika as well.

Seeing the love between Ravi and Kanika, the later’ family finally gave a green signal for their marriage, and then after both of them got happily married to each other.

Final Words on The ethereal Love Story of Mishtu and Mishtu

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