Sam and Reet Narula Love Story

Sam and Reet Narula are some of the most famous social media sensations. They both are social media influencers and got married to each other. Their Love story is really very unique.

Their love story is quite similar to the love story of Mohak Narang and Surabhi Rathore. Let’s find out the Love story of Sam and Reet Narula.

Sam and Reet started making videos on the Tiktok platform. Their chemistry is liked very well by their followers. Their videos were getting viral easily. Soon they both become an internet sensations among the people of India.

But, wait before we move towards their love affair and marriage content. Let’s take a quick introduction to both. Let’s know who they actually are.

Early Life of Sam Narula

Sam Narula was born in a small village in Punjab. He had completed his basic education from that village.

Sam and Reet Narula Love Story

Sam Narula has a huge joint family. They really live happily with each other. The father’s name Sam is Kapil Narula and his mother’s name is Bindu Narula.

He was very good at his studies. He also had a huge interest in dancing in his childhood. So he started making videos on Tiktok to fulfill his dream to become an actor. He also had started modeling since his college days.

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Today Sam is very famous on social media platforms. But there is a huge story of the struggle behind this. He worked really hard to increase his followers. He has struggled for almost 1.5 years to get 1 million followers on social media. Today he is a really very successful and social media celebrity.

The early life of Reet Narula

Reet Narula belongs to Punjab. Her birthdate is 11 November 2000. Her childhood name is Ashreet Gill.

Reet Narula and Sam narula Love story

She was born into a very middle-class family. She completed her graduation from the small city of Punjab. She has a very huge joint family.

She is a dancer, actor, and social media influencer. She is famous for making romantic videos on various social media platforms along with his husband Sam Narula.

Sam and Reet Narula Love story

Sam and Reet Narula first met each other when they both were doing their basic graduation. They become very good friends and started sharing and everything with each other.

Due to talking with each other on daily basis, they both started liking each other. Soon they realized that they are in love with each other. Their friendship has been turned into love.

Actually, their love story is really very simple and amazing. They met, they became friends, and married each other without many hurdles. I am requesting you god that please create this kind of love story for me too!!!! (Isn’t sound interesting?)

Sam and Reet Narula Wedding

Sam and Reet both were made in love with each other. So Sam decided to tell about Reet to his family members. She was really very good-looking so Sam’s family agreed to their relationship.

But the actual problem arrives when they are told about their relationship with Reet’s family. They advised them to complete their basic education. Her family promised him that he would get both of them married as soon as their studies get over.

But both of them convinced their family to marry before completing graduation. Eventually, both of them got married on 9 September 2019.

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sam narula love story

Social Media Career of Sam and Reet Narula

Talking about their respective career, They were not very active on social media before marriage. Both posted very few videos. After the wedding with each other, They started posting videos regularly.

When they started posting videos with each other, they set the social media platform on fire. Their videos were heavily liked by their followers. Both soon became creators with millions of followers.

Sam and Reet Narula have started a channel on YouTube. This channel is named Mr. and Mrs. Narula. Here both of them keep uploading their personal life vlogs and video songs.

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