Punit Pathak and Nidhi Mooney Singh love story

Punit Pathak and Nidhi Mooney Singh Love Story

Puneet Pathak’s name is very big in the world of dance. His story from a dancer to becoming India’s leading choreographer is very inspiring. He is married to Nidhi Mooney Singh. Their love story is very interesting.

Before we know more about the Love Story of Puneet Pathak and Nidhi Mooney Singh, we will first try to know a little about them.

The early life of Punit J Pathak

Punit Pathak is a dancer, actor, and choreographer. He was born in Mumbai Maharashtra on 1st November 1987. He did her schooling from the local school of Mumbai and completed his graduation from the St. Xavier college of Mumbai.

In his family, Punit has also parents and one brother. He was very fond of dancing since childhood. He was not much interested in his studies. He was an average student in his schooling days.

He started his career in 2009 when he took a part in a dance reality show Dance India Dance. He was runners up in that show. After that show, he got immense popularity and soon become a choreographer and actor with his talent and hard-working skills.

He also made his debut in Bollywood in 2013. He appeared in the movie named ABCD. His performance is appreciated by critics really very well. Soon he got immense fame from that role. Then he also appeared as a Judge in many dance reality show like Dance Plus and Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

After that, He also appeared in Bollywood movies like ABCD 2 and Nawabzade. He also took a part in a reality show named “Khataron Ke Khiladi” and also won that show.

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The early life of Nidhi Mooney Singh

Nidhi Mooney Singh was born on 31 July 1988. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She completed her basic education from the Dhiru Bhai Ambani International School and completed her graduation from R.A. Poddar international school.

Her mother’s name is Sitara Singh and she is a writer by profession. She also had one brother and one sister in her family. Currently, we do not have much more information about his father.

She started her career in the creative team of the dance reality shows and get popular when she married Punit J Pathak.

Punit Pathak and Nidhi Mooney Singh Love Story

How did they meet?

Puneet Pathak and Nidhi Mooney Singh met for the first time on the sets of a dance reality show. While Puneet was working as a judge in that reality show, Nidhi was part of the team of that reality show at that time.

They both met on the sets of “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” which was produced by Star Plus. Eventually, Punit was playing the role of choreographer and Nidhi was a part of the creative team of that show. When they met for the first time Nidhi was a complete newcomer in this industry while Pathak has some experience with 2 or 3 reality shows.

One interesting thing is Nidhi has a crush on Punit Pathak since the Dance India Dance Show days, where he was a contestant in that show. She used to vote for him regularly. She has a very small desire to meet him once in her lifetime.

How they became friends?

After their meeting for the first time on the reality show, they became good friends with each other. OnceJhalak Dikhla Jaa show gets over, Punit joined the new show and Nidhi also became a part of another reality show’s creative team. But they remain in contact with each other. They remain good friends, all that time.

They again work together in one reality show. In this reality show, they get a good time understanding each other. They become very good friends as time passed. According to Punit, Nidhi is very honest. He fell in love with her honesty and loyalty. He started loving her from that time.

Then after He joined “Khataro Ke Khiladi”, When he has a live 45 days in Argentina. In those 45 days, they both feel for each other as they are away from each other. During those 45 days, Punit realized that she is the one. He was madly in love with her. However, Nidhi was not so sure about their relationship status.

How the Love story Started? Who Proposed First?

Once “Khataro Ke Khiladi” gets over, then Punit decided to propose to her lady love. He came back to India and Propose her. However, Nidhi was not so sure about the future of their relationship. She asks Punit to give her some time for thinking. Punit did the same.

During this time, Puneet respected Nidhi’s privacy. He kept Nidhi in a respectable zone. He started loving her so much that he did not want to lose her. Finally, she agreed to their relationship after some time. Then after they started dating. According to Punit, he proposed her way back, but she friend-zoned him at that time.

In one of his interviews, Puneet had said that before dating Nidhi he had dated a lot of girls. But he had never hidden this thing from Nidhi. He has been very respectful and loyal in his relationship with her.

They both started to love each other very much and both of them used to spend more and more time together. It was a beautiful time for both of them. Both were on new dimensions of their lives.

The small Breakup and then Patch up with each other

But the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t go in their favor. There were lots of misunderstandings created between these two pure souls. They stopped talking with each other for some time. They were completely in no contact with each other. This was heartbreaking for both of them.

However, Both still loving each other during that time. So, Puneet started trying to improve this relationship. He gave a commitment to Nidhi. After all, they both solved the misunderstandings between them.

After this, both of them got married to each other in a private ceremony. In this way, both of them converted their friendship into a lifelong relationship. Their marriage date is 11 December 2020.

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