The Reality of Saloni Mittal and Ayush Yadav Relationship

As we all know that the Saloni Mittal and Ayush Yadav both are very popular video creators on various social media platforms. They usually upload romantic videos together and their chemistry is really amazing. Their fan following is keeps increasing day by day.

Many of their fans think that Both Saloni Mittal and Aayush Yadav are in a relationship with each other. So here we come up with the actual reality of the Saloni Mittal and Ayush Yadav relationship.

But before we move towards their relationship story let’s talk something about their personal life then after we will move towards our main article.

saloni mittal and Ayush yadav relationship

The early life of Saloni Mittal and Aayush Yadav

Saloni Yadav actually belongs from Rajasthan but currently living in Gurgaon, Delhi. Whereas Ayush Yadav belongs to Madhya Pradesh and is also currently living in Delhi.

Saloni always wanted to become an actress. That is why she left her 12th studies in the middle to focus on her acting career. His parents also supported her in this decision. Then after she started modeling.

You would be amazed if we say that Saloni is one of the top models in Delhi. She has taken part in many modeling shows in Delhi before joining Tiktok and YouTube. She is one of the favorite social media influence in Indian social media. She has a very huge number of followers on her social media account.

If we talk about Aayush then you will be amazed to know that he is basically an engineer from graduation. He has completed his engineering education at one of the top colleges in Mumbai. He has a huge number of followers on his social media account.

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Currently, he is a social media sensation in India. Due to his hot looks, he is liked by the girls very much. He has a huge girl fan following. However, media reports say that he is in a relationship with popular social media star Saloni Mittal.

How did they meet with each other?

Saloni and Ayush first met on the social media platform. Saloni used to make videos alone on Tiktok. At that time one of her videos became quite viral. soon after that viral video, she became quite famous on social media platforms.

Then, She received lots of messages for the collaboration from different creators. Ayush also sent him a message. But Saloni did not reply to him in the beginning. But due to Ayush’s effort, the two were able to meet each other for the first time.

According to Saloni, Ayush had come late in their first meeting. Because of which she did not like this Behavior of Ayush. The two first met in McDonald’s.

Saloni Yadav and Ayush Yadav Success story

After this, they both started making videos with each other. Their videos went viral very soon. Due to this their fan following increased significantly.

After this, they both made a lot of videos with each other. Their pair also received a lot of love from their viewers. According to both, they now want to keep making videos forever with each other.

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The lovely pair of both are recognized as “Sayu” which is adopted from the starting of their respective names. Their pair is liked by their fans very much.

According to Saloni and Ayush, their family is very supportive. Their family likes their videos very much. According to them Whatever they are today is just because of the support of their family.

Final words on Saloni Mittal and Ayush Yadav Relationship

Their viewers have also raised a lot of questions about their relationship. But the two have never accepted a relationship with each other. But if media reports are to be believed, then it is true that both are in a relationship with each other. They also look cute together, isn’t it?

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