The fairytale Love Story of the Abhi and Niyu: Abhi and Niyu Relationship

If you are good at creating valuable content then you can become popular on social media platforms easily. The same thing has happened with Abhi and Niyu. They are both popular content creators and have millions of subscribers on their YouTube channel named “Abhi and Niyu”.

People kept asking us about the what is the actual status of the Abhi and Niyu relationship. So in this article, we will tell you about the fairytale love story of Abhi and Niyu.

But before we move towards our main article, let’s first know basic things about them. So you can understand that who are actually they?

Who are Abhi and Niyu? Why They are so Popular?

Basic Information about Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha

The actual name of the Abhi is Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and the real name of the Niyu is Niyati Mavinkurve. They both actually make videos on the trending topics, reality, and the facts of India.

Their content reach is very strong on YouTube and they have huge numbers of subscribers on their channel. People actually love their content.

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha was born in Delhi and studied at the SYJ college of Delhi. He then went to Mumbai’s R.D.National college for further gradation in Mass and Media Communication.

After completing his Mass and Media communication graduation, he had done a job for many multinational companies like HCL, KOTAK, and MTV in their marketing channel.

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Basic information about Niyati Mavinkurve

While Niyati Mavinkurve was born on 18th December 1990. She had completed her graduation from the N.M. college. She is a Chartered Accountant by her graduation. But she always wants to become a Writer.

That’s why she had started her career as a freelance writer and then worked as the same for many CA firms and many multinational-level companies.

Abhi and Niyu Success Story

According to Abhi, he always wanted to become a video-making director in Bollywood. But as we all know that the Bollywood is full of nepotism. That’s why he didn’t get any chance in this Industry.

At last, he decided that he will leave out his full-time job and make his dream come true through YouTube. This has become a career-changing decision for him and Niyu.

Finally, they start their YouTube channel and gained Immense popularity due to their content. According to both of them, they both were doing a decent amount of job but they were not finding satisfaction with their life.

So they both decided to take a risk and start their own YouTube channel. They both work really hard and finally, it paid off them. Today they have huge numbers of fan following on their social media platforms.


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According to both of them they were quite faded up with all the negative news around there and they always want to spread positivity around them. So they started their YouTube channel.

They both also have traveled more than 100 days to overall India for their web series named #100reasonstoloveIndia. This web story gets immense popularity on their YouTube channel.

Despite much negativity around them, they both are really very active on their channel and keep posting valuable content on the channel.

Now we will tell you about the love story of the Abhiraj and Niyati.

Abhi and Niyu Relationship – Abhi and Niyu love story

To know about their love story, you have to go 11 years backward in history. Yes, they both met each other during the starting of 2010., When Niyu was in the last year of her college life and Abhi was studying at SYJ college.

They both actually met randomly for the extra circular activities. They soon become good friends with each other.

Then after they started talking with each other through text messages, as there was no WhatsApp or android mobile was available during that time. It was an Abhiraj who felt that he is in love with Niyu.

So he decided to propose to her. Then on one day in mid-December 2010, Abhiraj finally proposed to the Niyati and told everything about his feelings towards her.

Niyati was confused about their relationship status. So, she decided to take her time to respond. During that time they both were still talking with each other over a phone call or text messages.

Then finally Niyati accepted the proposal of Adhiraj in August 2011. Then they both dated each other for a long time and got married to each other.

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Final words on Abhi and Niyu relationship and their love story

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