Revealed: Bhaumik and Vishva Love Story

Bhaumik Makwana is one of the most popular content creators on TikTok and Instagram. He hails from Gujarat. He has almost 50k followers on Instagram. He creates some unique content and that is the most basic reason for his popularity.

Bhaumik is in a relationship with her classmate named Vishva. They both are making such a lovable pair. He is a handsome hulk and she is such a beautiful girl. That’s why their pair is liked by many of their followers.

Bhaumik and Vishva Love Story

Bhumik and Vishwa both meet each other for the first time during their school days. Initially, both don’t like each other as Bhumik used to think that Vishwa has some attitude problem.

The amazing thing is that it was a Vishva who started developing some feelings towards Bhumik. She had some secret crush on him and that’s why she messaged him on TikTok. Soon, after this incident, they both started talking with each other and became very good friends.

Who is Bhaumik and Vishva

We all know that any relationship usually starts with friendship. The same thing happened with Bhaumik and Vishwa as well. Bhaaumik started developing some feelings for her and that’s why he proposed Vishva.

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In starting, Vishva refused his proposal and she was not certain about the future of their relationship. However, Bhaumik assured her about their relationship and finally, she accepted his love Proposal, and soon after this, they both started dating each other.

They both are in a relationship with each other for almost the past 2 years. They both are managing their love life and relationship efficiently along with their studies.

How they convinced their parents?

The best part about Bhaumik and Vishva’s love story is that they soon told about their relationship with their family. As Bhaumik’s parents also did love marriage with each other, they understood his feelings towards Vishva and accepted their relationship with ease.

But Vishva’s family is not broad-minded and especially her mother has some old-school mentality that’s why both Bhaumik and Vishva had to make lots of efforts to convince her family. But eventually, after some time her parents also give a green signal to their relationship.

Bhaumik and Vishva Love Story

Today they both are in a relationship with each other for more than 2 years now. In one of their vlogs, they both revealed that they both are just 18 years of age and still studying in college and they do not have a plan to get married soon.

They both are focusing much on their respective career and want to get married to each other after settling down in their career. Relationship Blog and their team is wishing the best of luck to this cute couple.

Final words on Bhaumik and Vishva Love Story

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