Royal Shakti Vlogs Couple Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena Love Story

If you are fond of watching vlogs then you must have heard the name of popular YouTube Vlogging channel Royal Shakti Vlogs.

This channel is managed by one beautiful couple named Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena, who basically hails from Rajasthan state and currently living in Delhi.

Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena tied a knot with each other in a one private wedding ceremony. They both had done love marriage with each other and their love story is quite interesting.

In this article, we are going to cover all the things about how they met, became friends, and how they got married?

Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena Love story

If you really want to know about Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena’s love story then this article is definitely for you. We urge you to read this article till the end.

Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena Love Story

How did Shakti and Sonam Meena for the first time?

Sonam Meena and Shakti Meena met each other for the first time in Delhi when Shakti was posted in Delhi as a Police officer and Sonam Meena was studying in one coaching center in the same city. They both met each other through one of their common friends during October 2015.

Even before meeting Sonam, Shakti was in a relationship with many other girls. But when he saw Sonam for the first time, he fell in love with her.

How did they become friends with each other?

After their first meeting, Shakti somehow finds her on Facebook and started sending her messages. Initially, Sonam did not respond much but looking at Shakti’s continuous efforts she decided to give him at least one chance.

After this incident, they both started talking to each other via Facebook and soon exchanged their contact numbers. Soon they also started talking with each other on phone calls.

Royal Shakti Vlogs Couple Love Story

According to Shakti, this face was one of the best faces of their love life and Sonam also agreed with his words. All these things were revealed by them in one of the Vlogs on their YouTube Channel.

Who Proposed first?

As Shakti was madly in love with Sonam, he proposed to her for being in a relationship with him. However, she refused his proposal as she was uncertain about him.

However, after being rejected by Sonam, Shakti did not lose his patience and continued to propose to her many times. Finally, she agreed to come into a relationship with him after asking for some serious kind of commitment from his end. Eventually, Shakti agreed to all her conditions, and finally, they both started dating each other in 2016.

They both were in long distance relationship for many years.

Both Shakti and Sonam revealed that they were in a long-distance relationship for almost 3 years because after completing her graduation Sonam was living in Jaipur while Shakti continued his job in Delhi as a police officer.

However, during these 3 years, they both also spend a lot of time during their off days and also traveled a lot with each other. This phase helped them to understand each other deeply.

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After dating almost for more than 3 years they both decided to got married with each other and their marriage story is also mentioned in a further part of this article.

We can easily determine that they both had shown some serious level of commitment for their relationship during these 3 years, because being in long-distance relationship with each other is definitely not an easy task for anyone.

Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena Marriage

In one of his vlogs, Shakti revealed that he already told about his relationship with Sonam to his family in 2015. His Parents accepted their relationship quite easily as Sonam also belongs to their caste.

However, Sonam did not tell anything about her relationship with Shakti till the year 2018. In 2018 she finally decided to tell her parents about his love affair with Shakti Meena.

As Shakti Meena has a decent personality and high paying job, Sonam’s parents also agreed with their relationship.

Sonam Meena and Shakti Meena Marriage

Soon after revealing the relationship to their family they both dated each other for 1 more year and finally got married to each other in 2019.

Today both are enjoying their married life together. They share daily life vlogs on their YouTube channel named “Royal Shakti Vlogs”. They both are a quite popular couple of social media and people also love both of them very much.

Final Words on Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena Love Story

Shakti Meena and Sonam Meena both are inspiration for those young couple, who give up on their relationship easily. They both met and dated each other for almost 4 years and then decided to get married. That’s why their love story is exceptional and different from others.

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