Yati Upadhyaya and Jigar Dan Gadhvi Love Story

Jigar Dan Gadhvi is one of the most famous and highly demanded Gujarati singers right now. He has sung many outstanding songs like Valam Aavo ne, Chand Ne Kaho, Odhaji Re, Haal Kana Mane Dwarika Dekhad, and many more.

Jigar Dan Gadhvi, who most famously known as “Jigrra” is in a relationship with one beautiful girl named “Yati Upadhyaya”. They both make the cutest pair with each other as a couple.

The love story of Yati Upadhyaya and Jigar Dan Gadhvi is really very sweet and interesting and everyone should know it. So, in this article, the relationship blog team is going to tell you the exact love story of Yati Upadhyaya and Jigar Dan Gadhvi.

What is Jigar Dan Gadhvi Love story?

In one of his interviews with Gujarati YouTuber, Jigar Dan Gadhvi revealed that He and her girlfriend Yati met for the first time in the year 2019 in Australia. (People are not able to find out their love in India and this guy found his lady love in Australia. Ahmm !!! quite Interesting!!!)

They met for the first time in Adelaide city of Australia, when Jigar Dan Gadhvi went there for some live shows of Garba. Yati was the part of the stage creative team at that time. They both actually interact with each other on that stage.

(How cute is that one famous male singer is actually finding his love on a music stage, This is indeed very special!!)

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The truth is that Jigar Dan actually fell in love with Yati when he saw her for the first time. Then some how he got a her contact details at the end of the show from one of his well-known person.

Jigar Dan also revealed that he and Yati met each other 3 to 4 times during that tour of Australia and eventually both started to know about each other through their formal conversation.

Jiagrra or Yati?: Who Propsed first?

After returning back from Australia, they both started talking with each other on phone calls and text messages. Eventually, they both became very good friends due to their regular interactions with one another.

After some times, they both fell in love with each other but no one had proposed any other and it was Jigar Dan who finally realized that he is madly in love with Yati and finally Proposed her.

Yati was also feeling the same kind of attraction towards him, that’s why she accepted his proposal and soon they both started their first step in the relationship.

Today they both are in a relationship with each other for the past 2 years and both are looking very happy with each other.

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They both already told their family about their beloved relationship and both family has also accepted their relationship.

According to some media reports, both might marry each other by the end of this year. If this happens then I am damn sure that Jigrra fans will be the happiest fans in this world.

Important Information about Jigar Dan Gadhvi Girlfriend Yati Upadhyay

  • Yati Upadhyaya is a permanent resident of Australia and is living in Adelaide.
  • She is basically belonging to the medical field and working as a nurse in Australia.
  • She is also very much active on her social media accounts and keeps sharing her beautiful images on Instagram.
  • Yati’s family is well settled and they are living in Australia for more than 10 years.

Final words on Yati Upadhyaya and Jigardan Gadhvi Love Story

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