How Shahrukh Khan Started his Career in Bollywood?

How Shahrukh Khan Started his Career in Bollywood?

Shah Rukh Khan is counted as one of the biggest superstars of Indian cinema after Dileep Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, and Dharmendra. He is most famously known as the “King of Romance”. He is also considered the most famous Bollywood actor in foreign countries.

The true reality is that in many foreign countries people know India just because India is the motherland of Shahrukh Khan. You may find it funny but it is totally true. Many big news agencies have already covered this article very carefully.

SRK was born in New Delhi, completed his basic education there, fell in love with Gauri Khan and got married to her, and becomes one of the most successful Bollywood actors of all time. According to one report of BBC and Forbes, he is also the second richest actor in the world of entertainment.

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But Do you know how Shah Rukh Khan started his career in Bollywood? If you know the actual story about his journey of struggle then you can skip this article from here.

But if you aren’t aware of his story, hen kindly please read this article till the end. I will give you a guarantee that you will definitely fall in love with Shah Rukh Khan by the end of this article.

How Shahrukh Khan Started his Career in Bollywood?
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Shah Rukh Khan came from a very long way.

Many people still think that Shahrukh Khan has become an overnight sensation in Bollywood and gained immense popularity. No, this thing is absolutely wrong, because Shahrukh Khan worked really very hard to achieve this point in his life.

Talking about his journey, Shahrukh Khan once stated that, “I was working as a theatre artist during initial days of my career. Then someone noticed my efforts as a theatre actor and offered my first show on television. This was the happiest day of my life”.

After working on a couple of television shows on Doordarshan, He gained his first project in Bollywood in the movie named “Dar”. How many of you know that SRK actually played a negative role in his first movie. However, people liked his acting very much and he gained immense popularity.

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How Shahrukh Khan Started his Career in Bollywood?

In one of his interviews with the famous journalist Rajat Sharma, he admitted that when he entered in Bollywood Industry, many of his friends told him not to become an actor as they thought that his look was so ugly. They actually tried to bring him down on self-confidence during his initial struggling days.

Talking about why he agreed to start his career with the negative role, he further added that “The director of the film was one of my friends and he also thought that I am too ugly and that’s why offered me a negative role and I just wanted to be the part of that movie, that’s why I accepted it and eventually people also liked the same”.

The real truth about Shahrukh Khan’s career is that he never looked back after the movie “Dar”. He signed too many projects, worked really very hard, improved his acting skills and gave too many superhits movies, and established himself as one of the best actors in the Bollywood Industry.

SRK’s journey of becoming a King Khan of the Bollywood Industry has not been easy at all. He continuously worked really very hard to achieve this position.

The best thing about him is that he is still working really very hard to retain that position for a very long time. This is something really very inspirational and everybody should follow his footsteps to achieve something big in their life.

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Final Words on How Shahrukh Khan Started His Career in Bollywood.

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