Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami Controversy: All You want to know

Shahrukh Khan is considered to be the biggest superstar of Bollywood. The more popular he is, the more his name is dragged into various controversies. Today we will talk to you about the controversy between Arnab Goswami and Shahrukh Khan. (Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami Controversy)

Friends, we all know that Arnab Goswami is the biggest journalist in India. Arnab had worked for a long time with one of the most reputed news channels at the beginning of his career. Then, He started a news channel of his own.

Since the beginning of his career, Arnab has a one or another controversy with the biggies of Bollywood. After the recent death of Sushant Singh Rajput, He also blamed Karan Johar and Salman Khan for spreading nepotism in Bollywood.

He also made some serious allegations against Riya Chakraborty, who was the girlfriend of Sushant Singh Rajput at the time of his death.

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Detailed Information on Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami Controversy.

This matter happened in 2018 when Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami got a chance to share the stage with each other for the first time at an event. This program was actually arranged to promote content creation and eventually both SRK and Arnab were invited as the chief guest at that particular event.

We all know that journalist Arnab Goswami has a habit of living in controversy for one or another reason and that’s why he tried to create a controversy in this event as well.

In this open debate event, Arnab Goswami, taking a dig against Shahrukh Khan, said that he is a money-minded person and always mentions money in his motivational talks.

Further, he also added that SRK is in love with money and that’s why he often talks about money-related issues in the Bollywood industry on a priority basis.

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Shahrukh Khan’s Reply to Arnab Goswami

But Shahrukh Khan is also the biggest superstar in the world after all. His sense of humor is very strong and that is why he handled this troll of Arnab very well.

Shahrukh Khan probably did not like what Arnab Goswami said and that’s why he immediately replied to him by saying that man should always earn money first and then do philosophy.

Hearing this answer from Shahrukh Khan, everyone sitting in the auditorium started applauding and Arnab Goswami also praised him.

Final words on Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami Controversy

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