Who is Karolina Goswami? Karolina Goswami Love Story

Nowadays, Karolina Goswami is one of the most popular names amongst the youth generation of India. She is someone who is netizen of Poland, got influenced by Indian culture and rituals and now she is spreading Indian ancient culture around the World.

Right now, she is living in India along with her husband Anurag Goswami and she had adopted the culture of India. She is also managing her own YouTube channel named “India In Details” on which she is continuously posting videos related to some positive things about India.

Despite being an outsider she got influenced by our culture, adopted it and now she is spreading it over the world via her YouTube Videos. That’s why is gaining a huge amount of followers and respect from the netizens of India. Her YouTube channel is growing rapidly and will going to complete one Million subscribers very soon.

Who is Karolina Goswami

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Who is Karolina Goswami? Why she is such a popular in India?

But, how many of you know that Karolina Goswami is married to one Indian entrepreneur named Anurag Goswami, who is associated with the business of furniture. They both met in Poland, fell in love with each other, and got married in the year 2014.

Karolina and Anurag Goswami’s love story is really very interesting and I think everybody must know about it. That’s why we decide to tell you the exact details about Anurag Goswami and Karolina Goswami in the latter part of this article.

Please read this article till the end to know exact details about Anurag and Karolina Goswami Love Story.

Anurag and Karolina Goswami Love Story: All you want to know about it.

Both Anurag and Karolina met each other for the first time in a one Christmas party which was organized by the sister of Karolina. Initially, they both just saw each other during that party. After that party no communication between them for at least 6 months.

Then after 6 months, they both again met each other accidentally and this time spend some really good quality of time with each other. They both got to know more about each other during that time and eventually they both become very good friends.

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In one of her Vlogs, she admitted that she and Anurag both started developing some feelings for each other but no one has confessed the same with each other.

But there came a point in their lives when Karolina had to go to London to join one of her jobs and Anurag had to come back to India again. This face was very difficult for both of them as both of them started loving each other at that particular time.

Anurag Goswami and Karoliana Goswami love story

Who Proposed first?

Anurag fell in love with Karolina and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He knew very well that if she went to London, he would never be able to meet her.

That’s why he finally decided to tell her about his feelings and he finally proposed to her. Karolina had also some feelings for Anurag and that’s why she accepted his proposal and finally, they both decided to spend their rest of the life with each other.

According to Karolina’s saying, “I was always in love with him but was waiting for proposal from his end and at last he finally proposed to me and I accepted his proposal.”

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Anurag Goswami and Karolina Goswami Marriage

When Anurag and Karolina decided to get married to each other, Latter’s family did not like her decision. But She also stuck to her insistence and finally, both of them got married to each other according to the Christian rituals in the church.

Karolina’s family felt that there was a lot of difference in the culture of both Poland and India and because of this she could not adjust with Anurag’s family and that is why they were not accepting her marriage decision with Anurag.

But after their marriage, all this proved to be wrong as Anurag’s family has accepted Karolina with an open heart and tried to give her more love than their own daughter. This was told by Karolina herself in one of her videos.

After marrying each other both moved to India. Here they both also got married to each other according to Indian customs.

Today, they both are happily married to each other and they both have one baby boy who was born in 2016. They both are trying their best to give the education of both country’s rituals to their son.

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Final Words on What is Karolina Goswami Love Story.

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