What is Ricky Ponting Love Story?

Ricky Ponting Love Story

Friends, we all know very well that the former captain of Australia’s cricket team, Ricky Ponting, was the best batsman and captain of his time.

In fact, Risky Ponting is still the most successful captain of Australia’s cricket team to date and at present, he is coaching the Delhi Capitals team in IPL after taking retirement and his coaching career has also been very successful as his respective IPL team is doing the fantastic performance since from the past 2 years.

I think we all are aware of the professional career of Ricky Ponting really very well. So, in this article, we are going to share the love story of Ricky Ponting in detail. If you really want to know more about the same then kindly read all this article till the end.

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Ricky Ponting Love Story

Friends, we all know that Ricky Ponting used to bat the best during his prime time, and for this reason, his batting was appreciated by so many of the cricket fans.

In fact, among many females, he was also very famous due to his excellent batting and good looks. Ricky Ponting’s wife’s name is Riana Jennifer and he met her during a cricket match in the stadium itself.

Many cricket magazines and newspapers have written that the two first met during a cricket match at the cricket stadium when Jennifer had come to watch that match with her brother.

However, later in the year 2013, Jennifer admitted in a documentary that she had seen Ponting in a bar with leg-spinner Shane Warne even before watching the match at the stadium and she actually fell in love with his good looks and amazing personality.

However, former Australian Cricket Team captain has mentioned in many of his interviews that he had never met Rianna in the bar and that he had first seen her in the stadium and fell in love with her only after seeing her for the first time. According to him, it was a love that happened at a first sight itself.

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Riana was still a student back then, and she was pursuing law. The champion cricketer went searching for her in her university as soon as the game ended. The two started seeing each other soon after the incident and ultimately tied the knot in June 2002. The couple now has three children together.

In fact, Rianna’s popularity for marrying Ponting and her looks is so much that Andrew Flintoff admitted live on commentary in a Big Bash game that she is ‘hot’, prompting a lot of laughter amongst his colleagues.

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