Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar: Who is Better and Best

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar: Who is Better and Best?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is recognized as one of India’s top fast bowlers and is also known as the “Swing King.” He has beaten several world-class batsmen and is now a regular member of the Indian cricket squad.

However, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has suffered numerous injuries in recent years, and he continues to be injured regularly, raising concerns about his fitness. His injury aided his counterpart Deepak Chahar, who has since established himself as a regular fast bowler for the Indian team.

Deepak Chahar is Chennai Super King’s most prominent fast bowler, and he has been playing under Dhoni’s captaincy for numerous years, so he can nowadays assess the game very efficiently. Dhoni has also reaffirmed his confidence in Deepak, and things are going well for him.

Deepak Chahar and Bhuvneshwar Kumar have had a healthy rivalry for some time, and because they are both the same sort of bowler, it is frequently debated whether one of the two should be included in the team.

Today In this article, we will try to cover all the things related to the Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar and will try to cover each and everything related to their healthy rivalry. Please read this article till the end to know more about it.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar

Talking about Bhuvneshkumar, he started his ODI career in 2012 and clean bowled Mohammad Hafeez on the first ball of his career. After that, he never looked back and soon made his debut for India in all formats of cricket.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was a key member of the Indian cricket squad until 2015 when he suffered an injury and was only able to play one match in the World Cup. Since then, his career has been full of ups and downs either due to injury or due to bad form. However, he is still having a cemented place in an Indian cricket team despite having so many struggles with his bowling form or an injury. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar: Who is Better and Best

Friends, we all know that in 2018, Chennai Super Kings made a comeback in the IPL and won the championship, and their star bowler Deepak Chahar played a vital role in helping this franchise win the championship by bowling really very well in the whole tournament. 

Deepak enjoyed the benefits of his great bowling almost immediately, and he was selected in the Indian Cricket Team very soon. Since then, He has established himself as a prominent member of the Indian team and has routinely contributed as the team’s main bowler.

Who is the Best amongst Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar?

Cricket is a very popular game among Indian youth and as a result many youths always keep talking about cricket and its analysis.

With the evolution of Deepak Chahar in the present times, he is always being compared with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. If seen, then this comparison is absolutely wrong as both the bowlers are unique in themselves and the skill sets of both are also different from each other

I believe that comparing the two would be the worst mistake because we all know that comparisons should be made between two such people who are similar to one another.

In this scenario, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is far more experienced than Deepak Chahar, and he has proved himself enough by playing cricket in various nations throughout the world, whereas Deepak has yet to play a lot of International Cricket. 

But I can guarantee with confidence that if Deepak Chahar can stay fit, he would be able to replace Bhuvneshwar Kumar very soon. He swings the ball in the starting overs, like Bhuvneshwar, and has been bowling brilliantly in the death overs for Chennai Super Kings for some time now.

Final Conclusion on Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar: Who is Better and Best?

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