Sanju Samson Love Story

What is Sanju Samson Love Story?

Sanju Samson Love Story

Friends, we all know that Sanju Samson is a young wicketkeeper of India’s cricket team and he is also a very important member of the Rajasthan Royals team in IPL.

Despite performing brilliantly in domestic cricket and IPL, he has not been able to become a regular member of the Indian team as he has got very few chances.

We all are very much aware of Sanju Samson’s professional cricket career but today we will talk about his personal life and love life instead of talking about his cricket career.

In this article, we are going to share some important details related to the love life of Sanju Samson. If you are really interested to know his personal life then kindly read this article, till the end.

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Charulatha and Sanju Samson Love Story

Sanju Samson’s wife’s name is Charulata Remesh and they have both known each other since college days as they both studied in the same college with each other. But both of them never talked much to each other during that time because both Sanju and Charulata were very shy in nature.

The special thing about Sanju Samson was that he used to play very good cricket and for this reason, when he was studying in college, he was selected in the Ranji Trophy team of Kerela and later in the IPL and for this reason, he also become a more famous face in his entire college.

Sanju and Charulatha’s love affair actually started in the year 2013. Actually, when Sanju was spending his time on Facebook like this one day, he saw Charulata’s Facebook profile and sent her a request for friendship and after that, both started talking with each other through messages, and after a short time, both of them had fallen in love with each other.

In fact, Sanju Samson himself has revealed his love story through one of the Facebook posts on his profile. We have also embedded that post in this article.

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Sanju Samson and Charulata dated each other for almost 5 years before getting married in the year 2018. Many Players from Kerela and many other players from Karnataka’s team had attended the wedding of both. Even the most reputed cricketing legend Rahul Dravid, popularly known as The Wall, also gave his presence in his marriage.

Actually, not much information has been received about the difficulties Sanju and Charulata had in conveying their family because both of them have never shared their love story on a public platform in detail.

However, Sanju Samson and Charulata Remesh made an attempt to relive their old days by taking a small visit to their old college post their marriage and you will find all these images very easily on their Instagram profiles.

Relationship Blog and its team send bright wishes to Sanju Samson and Charulata Ramesh for their upcoming future and along with this we also hope that you both stay together forever and love remains between you both for an infinite period of time.

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