Kunal Tomar Girlfriend

Kunal Tomar and Khushi Karki Love Story – Kunal Tomar Girlfriend

Kunal Tomar Girlfriend

Kunal Tomar is a former TikToker, YouTube content creator, Instagram model, and Social media celebrity. He started his career as a lip-syncing artist from a short video app platform TikTok with his girlfriend Khushi Karki in 2018 and gained huge popularity through it.

After banding to the TikTok app in India from June 2020, he started making daily lifestyle vlog videos on Youtube and short lip-syncing videos on Instagram reels.

Khushi is a famous Tik Tok Artist, Model, Influencer, Lip Sync Artist and Dancer who was born on 24 September 2000 in New Delhi. She did her school in Delhi.

She is someone who is roaring her pairs as a successful model in the industry. She is currently reportedly dating a famous TikTok start Kunal Tomar who is a well-known friend of the famous social media couple Mohak Naranag and Surabhi Rathore.

So, basically in this article, we are going to share Kunal Tomar and Khushi Karki Love Story in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end. Hope you will like this article very much.

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Kunal Tomar Girlfriend Khushi Karki

Usually, we have seen that the love story of the maximum couples of Tiktok has started with the collaboration with each other but there are some couples whose love story has actually started by going out of the box, and in such a couple we can include Kunal Tomar and Khushi Karki.

Kunal Tomar and Khushi Karki are both splendid Social media Influencers who have millions of fan followings and going strong with time too.

Both are quite popular on Instagram as they both are famous for making short romantic videos with each other and along with this they also have their own Vlogging YouTube channel which is quite popular amongst the Youths.

Talking about their first-ever meeting, they both first met each other during playing the online Ludo game with their common friends. It was the first actual interaction between them.

In 2020, when the lockdown was imposed all over India and it was becoming very difficult to go outside for shooting, both of them were spending their time playing online games and that’s where they both connected with each other.

Kunal and Khushi had developed very good friends while playing online games and due to this, both of them were also feeling very comfortable with each other. Soon after the lockdown was partially opened, both of them met each other for the first time and both of them liked each other’s nature very much.

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After this, both of them collaborated to make romantic videos with each other and till date has made many videos with each other and they both are also running their own Vlogging channel on YouTube with having lakhs of people following them on a regular basis.

Over time, their relationship has been also developed strongly and they both are also dating each other for the past many months. If the reports are to be true, then they both will definitely marry each other in the future.

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