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Suvidha Rajput and Dhruv Manhas Love Story

By the way, there are many YouTubers in India nowadays that make videos relating to fitness and lifestyle, and many of these YouTubers have content that you like viewing again and again.

Couple’s Vlogs have been popular in India for many years, and people are more interested in knowing about their personal lives. As a result, all of these vlogs channels are developing rapidly.

However, there are so many couples who are consistently putting their vlogs in order to get some popularity and to earn money and that’s why we are also going to one of the couples named Dhruv Manhas and Suvidha Rajput in detail.

Suvidha Rajput and Dhruv Manhas Love Story

Isn’t God an odd being? It also makes certain ladies extraordinarily gorgeous while also providing them with incredible minds, and we refer to these girls as “beauty with brains.”

If any of you are unfamiliar with Suvidha Rajput then we would like to inform you that she is a fitness model and Vlogger who is also very attractive and this is the main reason why she is a social media sensation and followed by so many people in India. She is a famous Influencer too. 

Suvidha Rajput’s husband’s name is Dhruv Manhas and he is also very active in the world of fitness and often appears in every single vlog with his wife Suvidha. Let’s try to know the love story of this cute couple.

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How Did They Met and Started Dating?

If you also feel that Suvidha and Dhruv had fallen in love with each other in the very first meeting, then your thinking is completely wrong because both of their first meeting with each other was related to some professional work and At that time there was not much interaction between the two.

After their first meeting, they stopped talking with each other just because they both were so busy in their respective life. However, 3 to 4 months after their first meeting, they again started talking with each other through various social media platforms.

It was Dhruv who showed some dare asked Suvidha for her personal number and soon after they started talking over calls for the day and night and became very close to each other.

The story of their first meeting also seems to be very interesting. They both first met as a couple in a theatre when Shahid Kapoor’s first movie “Kabir Singh” was released. They both enjoyed their time with each other in this movie and eventually ended up doing dinner with each other in one of the high profile restaurants which they can afford.

How They Fell In love With Each Other?

Dhruv fell in love with Suvidha after their first romantic date and definitely developed some feelings for her and that is why he decided to spend more and more time with her.

Suvidha, who was more conservative about their relationship also realized that she is also in love with him owing to his beautiful and caring nature and that’s where she also feels that yes, he is that one guy who can definitely take care of her for the entire life and eventually ended up getting married to him.

Final Conclusion on Suvidha Rajput and Dhruv Manhas Love Story

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