Collen and Sohan Love Story Will Make You Fall in love With them

Collen and Sohan Love Story

There are many such individuals in India are available who nowadays, after completing their education, move overseas to pursue a master’s degree and then settle down by gaining employment there.

In actuality, you will come across several cases of common Indian men settling down and raising their families in the United States.

By the way, if you looked on YouTube nowadays, many such couples create vlogs that people enjoy, and Collen and Sohan are one such couple.

If you are someone who is not so acquainted with Collen and Sohan then we would like to tell you that they both are Indo- American couples who regularly post vlogs about their personal lives on their YouTube channel.

Collen is already a resident of the USA while Sohan is someone who is a resident of Mumbai but after getting his engineering degree, he has done his master’s from one of the reputed universities of the United States of America, and currently, he is also having a well-paying job in the same country.

Basically, in this article, we are going to share each and everything about how they met and how their love story started in detail. If you also want to know more about their love story then kindly read this article, till the end.

Collen and Sohan Love Story

Well, Collen and Sohan met in the city of Newark, Delaware, USA. Actually, Collen was born in a city named Pennsylvania but she settled in this small town named Delaware to conduct her research and study.

On the other hand, Sohan is also doing his full-time job in this city and that is why he is also living here in the same city.

Collen and Sohan met for the first time in an unusual way. Collen had first been to Delaware in the year 2014, while Sohan arrived for the first time in the year 2015.

According to Sohan, no one in the city recognized him when he arrived for the first time. He began playing volleyball with several folks in order to identify himself with the inhabitants of the city.

The special thing happened when Collen, who is apparently a good Volleyball and sports player and has a keen interest in the same game also started playing the same game with him.

First few days they actually only noticed each other but didn’t even interact with one another. However, they got to know more about each other after some days of span.

It was Sohan and Collen’s mutual friends who played a major role in developing their friendship as they invited her to Sohan’s birthday party and that’s where they both became friends with each other and started talking and playing a game of Volleyball with each other.

This sports game actually brings both of them very closely and eventually they both become very close friends with each other. After that, they both actually spend so much time with each other and enjoyed the company of one another for almost 2 years. ‘

After 2 years, it was a Sohan who realized that he is madly in love with Collen and eventually proposed to her for being in a relationship with him and Collen, who also had some feelings for his “Volleyball Partner” eventually agreed to become his “Life Partner”.

In today’s time, they both are happily enjoying their live-in-relationship period and might soon also marry each other. However, things are surely uncertain for the same as they haven’t spoken much about their marriage yet.

Final Conclusion on Collen and Sohan Love Story

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