Who is Shafugta Iqbal? – Xyaa Aka Shafugta Iqbal Biography, Husband, Age, Hobbies and All Details

Shafugta Iqbal Biography

Even now, in India, it is impossible to build a solid career in the gaming industry. However, there are many gaming YouTubers in India nowadays who have been successful in redefining this perception and generating a lot of money from their gaming professions.

Carry Minati, Tanmay Bhatt, Dynamo and Shafugta Iqbal are some such serious names which are actually trending all over India especially in this domain.

Alright, now we’ll endeavor to provide you some extremely useful facts about Shagufta Iqbal, a gaming Youtuber also known as Xyaa.

Shafugta Iqbal Biography

Shafugta Iqbal was born in the city of Bhuvaneswar in the state of Orissa, but she now resides in Bangalore. Shafugta’s father is a software engineer, thus he was often carrying a laptop around the house.

Shafugta used to play a lot of games with her sister when she was a kid, and it is because of this that she has pursued a profession in this field.

Actually, the real truth is that Shafugta was not so very serious about her career.

She wanted to become an astronaut in her childhood. After this, she thought of making a career in hairdressing as well, but eventually, she established her career in the gaming industry itself.

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In fact, when Shafugta was young, her father often read a magazine called Digit and the special thing about this magazine was that with each edition gaming CDs are provided with it So that Shafugta used to play the game and from here she got interested in the high profile gaming Industry.

Very few people also know about Shafugta that she is very active in the field of software development along with playing games. Due to a lot of interest in gaming and computers, she has got an engineering degree from the field of computer science and she has knowledge of many programming languages ​​in today’s time.

Why Gaming Couldn’t be a Full Time Career?

Well, despite being a full-time gamer Shafugta Still feels that gaming may not become your full-time career as this Industry is still growing and even if the future is looking good, there is so much uncertainty around it.

However, she is a firm believer that all the gaming YouTubers will definitely bring up this industry in India in a short span of time as they all are working hard towards it.

According to Shafugta, she is a woman attempting to make a name for herself in the gaming business, and as a result, she has to deal with a lot of criticism. She is, however, delighted that she has selected such a professional pathway for herself, due to which she is feeling very progressive in her career.

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