Ayush Mehra and Aashna Love Story

Ayush Mehra is one of the most popular and familiar faces of the YouTube industry as he often appears in various short romantic stories. He has collaborated with many YouTube channels like Filter copy, Mostly sane, and many others. We have seen him many times in romantic roles through his reel life acting. But, In this article, we are going to reveal the real-life love story of Ayush Mehra.

Who is Ayush Mehra?

Ayush Mehra is one of the most famous televisions and YouTube actors amongst the youth people of India, who mostly have romantic hero-type charm in him. His pair with Barkha Singh in their videos have been appreciated by lots of people. However, People always keen to know about the love story of the Ayush Mehra. So, In this article, we are going to tell you about the Ayush Mehra and Aashna love story.

Aayush Mehra got his first break in this television industry in early 2010. He also worked in lots of shows on Zoom TV and appeared many times in the various episodes on Bindaas TV’s most famous show “Yeh Hai Aashiqui”. He is one of the most popular faces of the Indian television Industry. After the evolution of YouTube in India, He mostly appears in short romantic stories on various YouTube channels along with Barkha Singh and other Co-actresses

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Who is Ayush Mehra’s girlfriend?

In one of his interviews, when the host asked him about his personal and love life, then Ayush revealed that he is in love with his one girl named Aashna for the past 14 years. He further also added that they both have grown up with each other since their childhood, so they both have a very good mutual understanding between them and both are madly in love with each other.

Ayush first met Aashna when he was studying in 10th standard in 2006. He fell in love with her in a very short period of time. Soon they started dating each other during their school and college days and they both are still enjoying their happy space with each other. They both gown up with each other from teenage to mature age.

Aashna’s father is associated with the work of direction in the same industry as she is assisting him in the same as an assistant director. So it is quite easy for both of them to understand each other as they both belong to the same industry and same type of profession. Ayush strongly believes that Aashna has a huge impact on his life and in his success story. She is the Lucky Charm for him.

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Ayush Mehra and Aashna Love Story

As Aashna belongs to the direction of the short stories along with his father, Ayush revealed that he always shares all the things with her girlfriend Aashna Vijay. He further added that she is very supportive and also she is the strongest woman in his life. Aashna has helped him a lot in selecting the right script for all the necessary decisions of his life.

Ayush Mehra often shares their photos and romantic videos on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Their one romantic reel video with her girlfriend went viral during the lockdown period and people have seen Aashna Vijay for the first time and they started speculating rumors about their relationship.

However, after this incident, Ayush himself revealed about their relationship and accepted that he is in love with Aashna for a very long time. Their love story started during their teenage days. He has broken many girl’s hearts by revealing his love story publically as he is one of the most famous handsome hulks amongst the Indian girls.

We are living in a world, where people often suffer from breaking up with each other in their love relationship over a small issue, But Ayush and Aashna are in a relationship with each other since the beginning of their childhood. Mutual respect and understanding each other in a proper way is the success of their long-lasting relationship. They look really cute with each other.

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Final words on Ayush Mehra and Aashna Love Story

Ayush Mehra stated that he respects Aashna more and more because she supported him in all decisions of his life. She is really very supportive of him. Today Ayush is one of the highest demanding youth icons among the youth of India and Aashna is one of the reasons for that success. There are also some rumors that they both are going to marry each other in a short time.

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