This is the real reason behind Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup

Social Media Industry and the Bollywood Industry are same when it comes to relationship related talks. You do not even know when someone gets into a relationship with someone and when someone breaks the relationship with someone.

We all know that the news about the breakup between the couple of Bollywood and social media industry keeps on getting news every day.

Due to the breakup of a celebrity couple, their fans feel very sad because sometimes they do not even get the correct information about the breakup between their favorite couple.

The same story happened with popular rapping couple Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Karandikar. They called off their relationship with each other and their fans are still trying to figure out why they actually broke their relationship.

If you are also a fan of Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Karandikar and also don’t aware of their breakup reality, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you the exact reason for Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup.

But Before we move towards our main article, let’s try to find out some basic information about Emiway Bantai and Muktta Karandikar.

Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup

Who is Emiway Bantai?

Emiway Bantai is a well-known name amongst Indian youngsters. He has multiple talents like rapping, songwriting, editing, and music composition. But he is most probably known for his ultimate rapping skills.

Emiway Bantai’s real name is Bilal Shekh and he was born in a very middle-class Muslim family in Karnataka. He completed his basic education from one of the reputed schools of Mumbai and was a brilliant student till the 10th standard.

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He started rapping for fun in his 11th standard and that’s why he failed in the 12th standard. He went into the depression after failing in the 12th standard. However, he took that failure as motivation and then started his career in songwriting and rapping.

Initially, he started rapping for just fun, but people appreciated his rapping skills, and then after he took his rapping career seriously and today he is one of the most successful and famous rappers of India.

Who is Mukkta Karandikar?

Mukkta Karandikar is also a famous rapper known for his amazing rapping skills amongst the youngsters of India. She was born in Mumbai and started her career as a rapper and there are many videos are available on her YouTube channel.

Initially, she featured in many songs of Emiway Bantai and gained lots of popularity. She and Emiway were in a love relationship at that time. After separating from Emiway she also started her own YouTube channel and had made lots of rap songs till now.

Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup

There is no such information available about Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Karandikar’s love story like how did they met, became friends, and fell in love with each other. Our team will surely love to update you about their love story once the research will be complete about them.

Emiway Bantai and Mukkta decided to separate their ways with each other due to some reasons. In this latter part of the article, we have shared the actual reason for their breakup.

Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup Reason

In one of her interviews, Mukkta revealed that there is no personal reason for their breakup, they have some professional work-related issue. She told that she and Emiway were not able to fulfill the commitments given to their clients due to some or other personal conflict between them.

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According to Mukkta, as they both were not able to fulfill commitments to the clients they keep started fighting with each other on different issues. After suffering a lot, they both finally decided to part ways from each other and got separated.

Mukkta revealed that she is very punctual and very honest with her work commitments but Emiway is totally different from this. According to her, both are pole apart when it comes to their work commitments

Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup

Mukkta further also added that she had blocked Emiway Bantai from her all social media accounts and she is not in touch with him after their separation. She also stated that she would not like to work with him in the future as he is so unprofessional about his work commitments.

Final words on Emiway Bantai and Mukkta Breakup

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