Who is Aleena Cai?: All You Want to Know About Her

Who is Aleena Cai?

Friends, we all know that UX designing is a very demanding skill in today’s time and because of this, if you want to find a suitable job for yourself in this field, then you have to be ready to do a lot of hard work.

In such a situation, many people make a successful career for themselves, but not all are able to make a successful career for themselves.

Many people are unable to acquire the necessary skills and because of this they always wander in search of a good career.

Who is Aleena Cai?

For those who do not know about Alina Cai, I want to tell them that she is a successful UX designer and often shares many videos related to UX design on her YouTube channel.

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According to Alina, if you want to become a UX designer, then you will not have to rally only on certifications. In fact, if you want to become a good UX designer, then you may also need a lot of job experience.

Alina also believes that college graduates are often too reliant on personal projects to get jobs in the early stages of their careers, and as a result, the company does not give them more jobs now.

Although you do not have to work very hard to get a job as a UX designer, you can easily get a very high-paying job for yourself by obtaining certifications from a good platform.

Aleena Cai: What to Expect From a UX Design Job?

When you’re in this situation, her best advice is to first don’t panic and second, don’t try to make a perfect design. This is not the place to brag about your design abilities.

She shared that I just remember this one time when she couldn’t find the check icon in the design system that we have and then somehow in the middle of the meeting.

I was like, “Let me show you my perfect UI design skill and how I can design a great check icon from scratch.” It was literally just a green circle with a white check icon.

I’m not sure why, but I just screwed up in the middle, and everyone in this meeting room was waiting for me to shrink down my icon. 

It was so embarrassing that I couldn’t get it right. So, when it comes to sharing your screen in a zoom meeting and trying to visualize all of the other people and your idea, bring out a wireframe with some placeholder text that’s good enough that you can make it perfect.

After the zone call but not during the zoom calm and a few other tips for this one first, close those wrong tabs and make sure to share the right screen.

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What is Her Second Advice?

The second thing that happens to me every  day is if you are using a monitor and sharing a screen from your monitor think about the 
people who will be you know looking at this screen and using their phone to zoom in and make sure everyone can see the screen.

Another thing that will definitely happen to you as a UX designer is working within constraints there are so many constraints and it’s 
absolutely normal to have constraints but the key is to understand the constraints early on.

So that you don’t waste time designing for nothing there are a few constraints type that I faced on  a daily basis the first one is having no resource  

For user testing, if your company doesn’t provide any resources for user testing then you still need to have a way to justify your design decisions.

You can do more research can see what are other competitors doing or you can do some internal tests which is pretty much just asking whoever you know in the company as a mock design interview another type of constraint is engineering.

The constraint is an engineer going to you and saying that sorry we cannot do that. it’s absolutely normal and the best way to do with this constraint is to ask early on don’t bring a finished product.

After three months of iteration to the engineers and then they say oh sorry I cannot do it then what have you been working on for the three months make sure you bring them a wireframe.

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