What is the Actual Reality of Neeraj Chopra and Vinesh Fogat Relationship?

Friends, in a modern environment, there is only one name in India that is admired by everyone, and that name is Neeraj Chopra. Neeraj made the whole of India proud by winning the first gold medal for India in the Olympics in Tokyo in the javelin throw event.

The Indian people have a tradition of never appreciating players prior to their achievements, and they’ve never been mentioned. However, after achieving the goal, people begin to worry about them, and they also start to discuss their personal and professional lives.

In today’s India, something similar is happening, and people who have never heard of the game of javelin throw are admiring Neeraj’s accomplishment as they all trying to finding out what was actually happened previously in his personal life. In this edition, an occurrence that occurred in Neeraj’s life in the year 2018 is drawing everyone’s attention, and the story goes like this.

Neeraj Chopra and Vinesh Fogat Relationship
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Neeraj Chopra and Vinesh Fogat Relationship

It was in the year 2018 that news of Neeraj Chopra’s closeness with the popular wrestler Vinesh Phogat emerged. In fact, at the Asian Games in Jakarta, Neeraj Chopra attended a Vinesh Phogat’s wrestling match, and as a result, the two’s relationship was extensively discussed in the media.

We all know that 2018 was a year in which Vinesh Phogat was at the peak of her career, while Neeraj Chopra was also aiming to cross new heights in his professional career. In such a situation, it’s obvious that seeing both of them together attracted the media’s interest, and the rumor of an affair between them spread like wildfire.

However, Vinesh Phogat eventually unplugged the news of the her affair with a popular Javelin throw player.  Actually, Vinesh Phogat was outraged by the fake rumor of her affair with Neeraj Chopra, so she stunned everyone by uploading a photo of herself with her future husband. The media houses also discovered through this that Vinesh and Neeraj are not having any kind of affair. 

Vinesh Phogat also stated in one of his interviews that Neeraj is a vital member of India’s Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and Olympic teams, and that’s why she has a good friendship with him, this does not indicate that they are having an affair. In addition, Vinesh Phogat had also asked the media person this question that a boy and a girl cannot be friends?

Neeraj Chopra and Vinesh Fogat Relationship
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However, one more thing worth noting here is that Neeraj has never made any statement regarding his relationship with Vinesh Phogat. Actually, Neeraj’s nature is such that he always runs away from the eyes of fame and media. Even after winning the gold medal in the Olympics, he has not given many interviews till now.

However, in a recent interview, Neeraj stated that he does not have a girlfriend and is entirely focused on his game. He also has also no plans to get married in the near future. He is actually aiming to achieve more achievements in his professional career. 

Final Words on Neeraj Chopra and Vinesh Fogat Relationship

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