Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala in Mahabharata?

Friends, we all know that the Mahabharata is considered to be India’s most ancient and influential epic. Many essential stories regarding how someone’s living life may be explored in the Mahabharata. The conflict for the throne of Hastinapur between the Kauravas and the Pandavas is regarded as the world’s largest war.

In the stories of Mahabharta, there are such so many stories are mentioned from which we can take so much inspiration to constantly obey the religious standards. All of these principles have been mentioned by Lord Krishna himself.

The character of Shri Krishna is incredibly important in the Mahabharata, and numerous narratives are associated with him in which he has taught the folks about religion and even he also raised the weapon to protect the religion when required. In this article, we are going to share one of those kinds of story that is associated with it and this story includes the Shri Krishna and Shishupala in it.

The relationship Between Shishupala and Shri Krishna

Shishupala was the son of Shri Krishna’s father Vasudeva’s sister, and in this sense, he was the son of his paternal aunt. When Shishupala was born, there was an Akashvani that happened from heaven that he would be killed by Shri Krishna in the future if he will commit any kind of sins in his life.

Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala

Disturbed by this, Shri Krishna’s aunt had taken a promise from him that he would forgive 100 sins of Shishupala and only then would give him death. Shri Krishna had also accepted this promise of his aunt.

Shishupala was well aware that only Shri Krishna could kill him, and he had also promised his mother that he would have forgiven him for 100 of his misdeeds. In fact, Shishupala disliked Shri Krishna from the beginning and was always endeavoring to do something against him.

Shishupala had also assisted Shri Krishna’s main opponent Jarasandha in Mathura, and as a result, Shri Krishna had left Mathura and traveled to Dwarka in Gujarat, where he established a new city for himself and the Yadavas in order to protect his people from the transgressions of Jarasandha and Shishupala.

What was the actual Conflict Between Shri Krishna and Shishupala?

As we previously stated, Shishupal always hated Shri Krishna from the beginning, and probably that’s why he had done numerous misdeeds in front of Shri Krishna. Although Lord Krishna was bothered by Shishupala’s antics, He always forgave him because of the pledge made to his beloved aunt who was the mother of Shishupala. 

The actual enmity between Shishupala and Shri Krishna began with Rukmi’s sister Rukmani’s marriage. Actually, Rukmi and Shishupal were exceptionally good friends, and that’s why Rukmi planned her sister’s marriage with his sister. But Rukmani did not like Shishupala at all and she wanted to marry Shri Krishna.

Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala

Rukmi, on the other hand,  also disliked Shri Krishna like Shishupala and never wanted his sister Rukmani to marry him. Shri Krishna was also omniscient, and that’s why he was able to understand the feelings that were forming in his heart as a result of a letter given by Rukmani, and he had abducted and married to her and also made a chief queen of Dwarka. 

Shishupala was outraged when he discovered that Shri Krishna had kidnapped and abducted his future wife Rukmani, but he knew that he could never beat Shri Krishna alone and that’s why he decided to keep mute but that did not mean he did not wish to seek revenge on Shri Krishna.

Instead of taking quick actions on Krishna, he decided to wait for the right opportunity. Perhaps this is where the real fight between Shri Krishna and Shishupala had begun.

Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala?

In the Mahabharata narratives, there was also a time came when Shri Krishna and Shishupala actually came face to face with one another and Shri Krishna had finally killed Shishupala for his misdeeds and the story is something like this. 

We all know that the Pandavas worked hard to build the city of Indraprastha. They also organized a Rajasuya Yagya in their city and all the kings of Aryavrata were invited to attend, and that’s why many big kings like Shishupala and Duryodhana also participated in this Yagya. 

Duryodhana and Shakuni have always known that if the Pandavas finish the Rajasuya Yagya, they will become a superpower in the entire Aryavrataand that’s why they both wanted to obstruct this Yagya in one or another way but the best thing that Shri Krishna himself was also aware of their intentions. 

Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala

Duryodhana and Shakuni knew very well that Bhishma Pitamah and Vidura are also present in this Yagya, so both of them cannot do any such activity directly, due to which both of them can create obstacles in this Yagya and that’s why Duryodhana asked Shishupala to disturb the Yagya, who was sitting next to him.

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Inspired by Duryodhana’s words, Shishupala started insulting Shri Krishna when Shri Krishna was chosen as the chief guest for Yudhishthira’s coronation. Along with Shri Krishna, he also insulted Pandavas, his wife Draupadi, and their mother Kunti.

Everyone present in the Yagya asked Shishupala to control his tongue but he did not listen to anyone and continued to insult Shri Krishna. The matter went out of bounds when he also questioned the relationship between Draupadi and Shri Krishna and also said that there is an illicit relationship between the two.

Shri Krishna considered Draupadi as his best friend and because of this he could not bear the humiliation of her and he immediately killed Shishupala using his Sudarshan Chakra without worrying about 100 sins of him. So this is how the story of Krishna and Shishupala ended.

Final Words on Why did Krishana Killed Shishupala

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