All You Want to Know About Brian Ruiz Biography

Brian Ruiz Biography

Why Did He Choose Software Engineering as His Career?

One of the first topics I wanted to cover was his early interest in technology. In this post, we will merely give a basic outline of his path to becoming a software engineer.

I was getting so many questions about how he knew he wanted to work as a software engineer.

As he claims, technology was something he always found fascinating. As a young child browsing the internet and watching new things appear there, it always drew his attention.

I believe that’s why he was drawn to computer science. So find something that sparks your interest even if software engineering is not what you want to pursue or you’re not sure.

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How Did He Grab First-Ever Job as Coding Engineer?

And now, let’s talk a little bit about his formal education.

Some of you might be surprised to learn that he didn’t go to any boot camps and doesn’t even have a college degree.

To be honest, he did attend a university for three years, but he stopped since work opportunities arose at the time.

He felt it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, and he still firmly believes it, as he continues to read LinkedIn profiles of people with various degrees and certifications, including boot camps, who are still having trouble finding employment.

Despite the fact that the market is extremely competitive.

He may not have a degree he still has a decent job that provides him a substantial amount of money.

How He Established His Career in Coding?

Employers prefer to see that you have this propensity for learning, which is what’s most crucial, and this is something that assisted him in landing his first job even though the person he was interviewing with noticed that he had to experience Hands-On with pandas and NumPy, which are some python tools.

He believes that this put him in a better position and gave him a slight advantage over the other candidates. As a result, by having a profile or a public developer profile, you can even build your own luck.

He also enjoyed participating in hacker tournaments with his pals when they were in college.

He participated in the Microsoft-organized hackathon, which surprisingly went well.

it’s just a great way to get some more team and to build up your soft skills as well and of course, nothing good comes without his challenges or obstacles.

He faced all the challenges, finally overcome it, and earned a substantial amount of money. 

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What are His pieces of Advice?

He found ways to get around that by simply exercising patience and realizing that everything else just flows easily.

Give some advice to those who are genuinely interested in entering the field of software engineering as you advance and also to have some faith in the abilities you already possess.

Simply attempt to find something that interests you; the field of software engineering is still very diverse.

There is simply a tonne of various applications you could be interested in, whether it be design, cryptocurrencies, or other topics like artificial intelligence.

One last piece of advice is to just basically begin coding every day. No matter what you start with, 15 to 20 minutes a day. just go online and look for those free modules and enhance your skills in order to get some huge packages jobs in the domain of data science and software engineering. 

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